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How to Capture a Duke #BookReview

All she had to do was find a fiancé. In four days. In the middle of nowhere.
How To Capture A Duke is a historical romance by Bianca Blythe.

What is the story? 

It isn't easy being a member of the Ton, especially when you would rather be knee deep in mud, digging up the Roman remains in the orchard at your Grandmothers manor house. Not to mention that you are - in fact - a woman.

Fiona Amberly's Grandmother is seriously ill. Her dying wish is to see her granddaughter happily married and her future secure.

To appease her Grandmother, Fiona states that she is secretly engaged. She makes the excuse that her betrothed has gone to war to bravely fight Napoleon. But the war has now ended and she can no longer "kill off" her fictional betrothal as she had intended. And now questions are being asked. Where is this mysterious Captain Knightly?

Percival Carmichael had never expected to become the Duke of Alfriston, but with the death of his cousin, he has been named heir. It is time …

Join Up by Tudor Robins #bookreview

Join Up by Tudor Robins is an young adult, equestrian-romance, tale.
 What is the story?
"I want to be loved, and understood. I want someone to make me laugh."

Lacey Struckland parents are in the process of getting a divorce. Her mum is living with her new boyfriend. Her horse, Salem, is recovering from an injury. She needs to find the money for university and her first ever kiss, Cade, has decided he prefers her friend, Carly, to her. Apart from that, life is perfect!

So when the opportunity comes for Lacey to earn some much sought after money teaching at a prestigious riding camp, she jumps at the opportunity.

At the camp she hopes to gain some new friends as well as earning some money. But she had never thought she would meet someone like Fitch - he is funny, thoughtful and easy to fall for. She must remember, at all times, that he is the bosses' son. And, he has a bit of a reputation when it comes to girls.

What I thought of the book.

What a beautiful, riveting pag…

The Treasure of Gwenlais : The Rienfield Chronicles Book 1 #bookreview

I love historical fiction. I love fantasy fiction too.

The Treasure of Gwenlais : The Rienfield Chronicles Book 1
by M.T. Magee, combines both genres.
Lets have a quick look at the story.
It is said that it is easier to hate, than to try and understand a race that is so different from our own. The Rabkin are such a race. They are a frightening species, feared by the humans, for they are renowned to be exceptionally swift killers and a deadly force to be reckoned with.

Prince Caleb of Heathwin, longs for peace and security for his kingdom and he has secured a fragile alliance between his people and these mysterious creatures.

But dark forces move against this delicate alliance. Unexpectedly a tribe of Rabkin attack a small defenceless village in the neighbouring  kingdom of Gwenlais. These Rabkin are different from the others - they have no respect for life or for death - and they bear different markings to the resident Rabkin tribes. They are strangers, ou…

Oswald: Return of the King (The Northumbrian Thrones) #bookreview

Edoardo Albert , Oswald : Return of the King, is an epic tale of the life of Oswald, as he seeks to reclaim his father’s kingdom in Northumbria.
What's the story?
The second book in The Northumbrian Thrones series follows the young prince Oswald as he seeks to regain the throne taken from his family by Edwin
The exiled family of King Æthelfrith of Northumbria arrive, after much hardship, on the island of Iona, where the monastery founded by St Columba has become a center of worship and learning. Amid the violence and turbulence of Dark-Ages Britain, the island appears a sanctuary to the hunted princes and Oswald, having become firm friends with a novice named Aidan, enters the church along with his younger brother, Oswiu.
As befits a young prince, Oswald learns to fight and soon becomes renowned for his courage, earning the title Lamnguin, the Whiteblade. However, the peace of Iona leaves Oswald torn between becoming a monk or returning to Northumbria to reclaim the kingd…

The Breaking Dawn #bookreview

I am so excited today because I am back in my beloved Dark Ages with Jayne Castel The Breaking Dawn.

I love reading books by other authors in this era and Jayne Castel writes so passionately about her area of interest. She bases her stories on actual 7th Century historical figures and the protagonist of The Breaking Dawn is Cynddylan ap Cyndrwyn - the Prince of Powys (Wales).

Let's waste no time and have a quick look at the story.

Summer AD 641, Mercia, Britannia

Merwenna of Weyham's betrothed has gone to war. He promises her that he will return and when he does they will be married. But the months drag on and there is no word. She fears the worst, but she cannot wait any longer to find out his fate. She travels with her brother to Tamworth - the seat of Penda, the Mercian King - and their liege lord - only to discover that she is too late and her betrothed is dead.

Lord, Prince Cynddylan (Dylan to his friends) has allied himself with the King of Mercia. But the alliance is fragile…

Book Review - The Doom Assigned: King Richard III in Victory

Book Review time....Yay!

Once again I find myself reading about the House of Plantagenet (1126 - 1485). The Plantagenet's gave us some of the most famed British monarchs of all time, as well as a few controversial ones as well! The Plantagenet reign came to an end on the 22 August 1485, when King Richard III was killed by the Lancastrian Army, lead by Henry Tudor, at Bosworth Fields.

On the face of it, Henry Tudor and his army should not have won at Bosworth, he was outnumbered. But Richard had an adder in his nest - also known as William Stanley - who betrayed his king and placed Henry Tudor on the throne of England and the rest, as they say, is history. But I often wondered what would have happened if Richard had won?

Author, Richard Unwin, has asked himself that very same question in his book, The Doom Assigned: King Richard III in Victory, (I am going to call it The Doom Assigned from now on).

I have read several articles written by Richard Unwin, and he takes a very differen…

Owen - Book One of the Tudor Trilogy #bookreview

The House of Plantagenet reigned from 1154 until 1485 and they are, to date, the longest reigning royal dynasty in English history. Their long, and mostly successfully reign, finally came to an end on 22 August 1485 when Henry Tudor beat King Richard III on the fields of Bosworth - The Battle of Bosworth marked the dramatic climax to The Cousins War, or The War of the Roses as it is now more commonly known.

Philippa Gregory has done an awful lot bringing this fascinating period back into the spotlight. You may have read her books or you may have seen the British television series, The White Queen. If you have not, then you really should.

Philippa Gregory always writes from the view point of the women from that era, but I have often wished someone would write a really good novel from the male standpoint, and I think I may have just found the author that not only writes about that era, but does so to such a standard that he leaves you wanting to read his books over and ov…

King Arthur's Sister in Washington Court #bookreview

Today I am going to talk about a rather wonderful book called King Arthur's Sister in Washington Court by Kim Iverson Headlee.

Those of you who read a lot of Arthurian literature may well have come across Kim's work before, The Dragon's Dove Chronicles, perhaps?

King Arthur's Sister in Washington Court ( I am going to call it KASIWC from now on ), caught my eye because it sounded really intriguing. Arthurian legend meets baseball - what a concept!

Kim, I think, set herself quite a challenge when she wrote it, because this is a sequel to Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - so hats off to her for that.

The story is about Morgan le Fay, Queen of Gore, and is set in the year AD 600,(Morgan was lucky enough to survive the purge in Mark Twain's book).We all know of Morgan's magical prowess and she has vowed revenge upon the Yankee, Hank Morgan - who in Mark Twain's book caused a great deal of trouble for Arthur and his court.