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Only 0.99 on Kindle - Limited time only - The Du Lac Chronicles

"...the intimacy in their relationship is tender, vulnerable and real, one of the best romantic relationships I've read..I loved, loved, loved this book and can't wait to read the next in the series..."                                                                                                     M.M. Carter, Amazon Reviewer 
* Only 0.99 on Kindle - Limited time only *

A generation after Arthur Pendragon ruled, Briton lies fragmented into warring kingdoms and principalities.

“It is dangerous to become attached to a du Lac. He will break your heart, and you will not recover.” 

So prophesies a wizened healer to Annis, daughter of King Cerdic of Wessex. If there is truth in the old crone’s words, they come far too late for Annis, who defies father, king, and country to save the man she loves.
Alden du Lac, once king of Cerniw, has nothing. Betrayed by Cerdic, Alden’s kingdom lies in rubble, his fort razed to the ground and his brother Merton missing, presumably…

Guest Post - Ghost of O'Leary House by Nicholas Paschall #horror @Nelfeshne

Horror writer, Nicholas Paschall is going to let us have a sneak-peak in between the pages of his latest book Ghost O'Leary House.

David is in college and just keeps screwing up. After his latest mistake of throwing a huge party while his parents were out of town, his mother decides to leave him stranded at his Grandmother's house in Alice Grove. What starts out as a horrible idea blossoms into a nightmare as ghosts, Witches, and curses come alive in the sleepy town. How will David handle it all?
 ***  Excerpt 

"Closing the cabinet, he turned and took a step from the sink before he heard it. A low, sucking breath. Turning, he looked to where he’d heard the sound and gasped. Pressed tightly against the ceiling, arms splayed wide, was an old woman, her eyes wide and blank. Her gray hair was pulled back into a bun, her features drawn taut as if the hair bun was pulling her skin back as well. She was pressed against the ceiling, as if something was forcing her into it, w…

Book Spotlight - Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain @ShirleyMcLain93

Today's featured book is Princess Adele's Dragon by Young Adult fantasy author, Shirley McLain.

Princess Adele lives with her brother, Robert, the King of Valdoria in the castle. There has been a monster terrorizing the Kingdom for months. The King has finally come to a decision on how to deal with the monster but the Princess can't agree with him. For the sake of the Kingdom Princess Adele decides she must be the one to kill the dragon. She couldn't live with herself if her brother went ahead with his plans.
What Adele found on her quest changed her life and the lives of those around her. She was a strong young woman who knew what she wanted and would do whatever it took to get it.Follow Princess Adele as she battles to save her home and her life.
 Let's delve closer into the book and look at an excerpt!
Princess Adele's face paled when she heard the words of her brother. Her large green eyes stared at his face as she spoke. "Robert, it's inhuman. You can…

#BookReview - Song At Dawn by Jean Gill @writerjeangill #amreading

I had the very great pleasure of reviewing the Winner of the Global Ebook Award for Best Historical FictionSong at Dawn: 1150 in Provence (The Troubadours Quartet) by Jean Gill.

Let's take a look at the book... 

On the run from abuse, Estela wakes in a ditch with only her lute, her amazing voice, and a dagger hidden in her underskirt. Her talent finds a patron in Aliénor of Aquitaine and more than a music tutor in the Queen's finest troubadour and Commander of the Guard, Dragonetz los Pros.

Weary of war, Dragonetz uses Jewish money and Moorish expertise to build that most modern of inventions, a papermill, arousing the wrath of the Church. Their enemies gather, ready to light the political and religious powder-keg of medieval Narbonne.

Set in the period following the Second Crusade, Jean Gill's spellbinding romantic thrillers evoke medieval France with breathtaking accuracy. The characters leap off the page and include amazing women like Eleanor of Aquitaine and …

Guest Post - "Author's Inspiration" Jin Okubo @mercasio

Please give a warm welcome to romance author, Jin Okubo who is here to tell us about his inspirations behind his new book Love.
Jin, what inspired you to write your beautiful novel, "Love"?
There are many reasons why writers choose to write. There can be huge ideas or even feelings, where we may draw our inspiration. For me there are a few, but out of those few one stands above the rest. I have always had strong women in my life. With that in mind I was able to draw inspiration by focusing my main protagonist as female.
The idea for romance came from my own love of the literature on the matter. I tried to pen fantasy and even a biography, but neither had the appeal or draw of romance. Then came the view, which I wanted to take. I wanted to paint the picture of true to life relationships. The ones we could all relate to in one form or another. In that sense the women in my life took a big role with one particular person taking center stage in the characteristics of my female le…

Book Release - Jasper - Book Two Of The Tudor Trilogy @tonyriches

Tony Riches, is one of my favorite Historical fiction authors. I had the pleasure of reviewing Owen - Book One Of The Tudor Trilogy last year. I have, like many others, been eagerly awaiting the release of the next book in the series.

Jasper - Book Two Of The Tudor Trilogy.  'Without the heroic Jasper Tudor there could have been no Tudor dynasty.'
Terry Breverton, author, historian and Television Presenter. 
'Jasper Tudor was the greatest survivor of the Wars of the Roses. Whilst almost all his contemporaries suffered often brutal and bloody deaths, Jasper persevered against all the odds. That's not to say it was easy, as you will discover...'   Nathen Amin, Author of Tudor Wales.
Following the best-selling historical fiction novel OWEN – Book One of The Tudor Trilogy, this is the incredible story, based on actual events, of Owen’s son Jasper Tudor, who changes the history of England forever. 

England 1461: The young King Edward of York takes the country by force from Ki…

New Release - Hunting the Eagles #hisfic @BenKaneAuthor

I am very excited to announce the latest release from historical fiction author, Ben Kane.  I had an ARC of this book and I Highly Recommend it, you can read my review here. Why not check it out today!


AD 14: Five long years have passed since the annihilation of three legions in the wilds of Germania. Although the bones of 15,000 soldiers now moulder in the Teutoburg Forest, not all the Romans were slain in the bloody ambush.


Demoted, battle-scarred and hell-bent on revenge, Centurion Tullus and his legionaries begin their fightback. Ranged against them is the charismatic chieftan Arminius, who is gathering thousands of hostile tribesmen, and determined to crush the Romans for a second time.


The eagle belonging to Tullus' old legion is still in enemy hands, but as the Romans' reprisals take their army deep into German tribal lands, he remains convinced that it is within reach. But Arminius and…

Traitor Knight by Keith.W.Willis #BookReview #amreading @kilbourneknight

"Oh, why hadn't she just let the dragon eat her back when she'd had the chance? It would have made everything so much simpler." 
I had the pleasure of reviewing the historical fantasyTraitor Knight by Keith.W.Willis

What's the story?

When Morgan McRobbie rescues a damsel-in-distress from a dragon, he expects she’ll swoon, murmuring “My hero!” Instead, Marissa has only loathing for the man everyone believes will betray Kilbourne. That’s fine with Morgan. A woman in his life would just complicate things.

A high-level informer threatens the kingdom’s security, and Morgan is out to stop him. Posing as a turncoat himself, he’s walking a fine line between honor and betrayal. A single misstep could result in disaster, and his mission is fraught with distractions: the pesky dragon, a pair of conniving courtiers, and the disillusioned damsel who’s certain Morgan can’t be trusted.

If Morgan’s going to save the kingdom, win the girl, and manage to stay alive, he’ll …