Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Guest Post - Ghost of O'Leary House by Nicholas Paschall #horror @Nelfeshne

Horror writer, Nicholas Paschall is going to let us have a sneak-peak in between the pages of his latest book Ghost O'Leary House.

David is in college and just keeps screwing up. After his latest mistake of throwing a huge party while his parents were out of town, his mother decides to leave him stranded at his Grandmother's house in Alice Grove. What starts out as a horrible idea blossoms into a nightmare as ghosts, Witches, and curses come alive in the sleepy town. How will David handle it all?


"Closing the cabinet, he turned and took a step from the sink before he heard it. A low, sucking breath. Turning, he looked to where he’d heard the sound and gasped. Pressed tightly against the ceiling, arms splayed wide, was an old woman, her eyes wide and blank. Her gray hair was pulled back into a bun, her features drawn taut as if the hair bun was pulling her skin back as well. She was pressed against the ceiling, as if something was forcing her into it, with billowing black cloth fluttering around her in tatters. Both hands were braced against the wall, her fingers splayed wide, her long talon-like nails dark and red, the color of rust.

David, too scared to move, merely stared at the old woman. She pushed her head closer to his, her mouth moving as if she were speaking though no sounds were coming out. David could feel that she was trying to tell him something, trying desperately. But she just didn’t seem able to say anything.

“What do you want?” He asked, his voice wavering.

The old woman blinked, her eyes focusing on him. Her mouth closed, leaving her to take long, deep and rattling breaths. David stared at her for several long seconds before he heard his Grandma call out.

“David, have you found the aspirin?” She called, her voice echoing throughout the house.

The old woman whipped her head at the sound, the bathroom door slamming shut as she looked at it. David immediately dropped the bottle of pills and grabbed the door handle, twisting it. Somehow, the doorknob was stuck solid, as if someone on the other side was holding it steady.

Turning to look at the old woman, David shrank back when he saw that she’d crawled along the ceiling and was now on the opposite wall, head turned up to look at him at an inhuman level.

“What do you want?” He repeated, bending down slowly to grab the bottle of aspirin.

She stared at him, her clawed hands sliding along the wall as if she were being pushed skyward. “Go… up… come and… see…” She rasped out, her voice distant and echoing.

And like that she was gone, in the blink of an eye. David heard his Grandma call for him again and turned to open the door, running out into the hall to deliver the medicine."

Where can I buy this fabulous book?
About the author.
I'm just a humble ghost in the machine, a lurking specter in the darker reaches of the internet. I publish the dreams best left unsaid because I believe they should be heard. I graduated from the Univerity of Texas at San Antonio with a degree in History, which basically means I'm a researcher. My desktop is littered with projects that I hop to and fro like a mad cricket, working here and tinkering there. I have a website that I update five times a week at minimum. Hope to see you there! 
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