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New Release - I Choose Love! Guest Post. A.g.Billig #amreading @AGBillig

 I am delighted to welcome A.G.Billig on to the blog to talk about her new release.

Are you struggling to reach your goals? Do you feel like an insect trapped in a jar? Do fears, worries, anxiety block you from opening the lid and creating the life you want? This practical and empowering book will reveal to you the hidden mechanisms behind your everyday actions and provide six secret techniques to overcome your fears.
I CHOOSE LOVE! OVERCOME YOUR FEARS TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT is a concise and easy to read guide for strong people like you, who are fed up with being or playing the victim and ready to become the masters of their destiny. The digital version comes with 3 FREE BONUSES designed for fast and long-lasting results: 


What inspired me to write 'I Choose Love.'

The lock-key, the medium, and the fire

I would lie if I wrote that it began with a lock-key. Although it played its part." Now I realize that it started in 1999 with a gift. My father's unexpected death from a heart attack shook my world. He was a prominent presence in my life, the one who inspired my love for books and writing. I went on with my studies and my job (filmed for the TV show I was hosting on one of the highest building in Bucharest) as if nothing happened. Deep down inside, I was a mess. That's when the medium showed up for the first time, inside the pages of a book. My closest friend gifted it me hoping that it would help me overcome the grief. "The Book Of Spirits" is written by Alan Kardek, a scholar who lived in the XIXth century. In his fifties, he became interested in séances, a type of communication in which spirits answered questions by picking out letters to form words or simply indicating "yes" or "no." Kardec conducted his investigation of psychic phenomena, mainly mediumship. He compiled over one thousand questions concerning the nature and mechanism of spirit communications, the purpose of human life, and aspects of the spiritual realms, which he presented to ten mediums. The responses were compiled into a philosophy called Spiritism as well as his first book on this topic, "The Spirits' Book.” According to Kardec's work, there is no death. What humans experience as death is a transmutation. The body turns to dust, but the spirit continues to exist in the unseen realms. After a while, if necessary, it returns to Earth in a new body. This series of lives – incarnations - represents the soul's journey back to enlightenment. I resonated with most of Kardec's ideas. Somehow, deep in my heart, I knew they were true. Yet, my life didn't change. In 2010, the medium returned in my life in flesh and bones. A friend of mine asked me if I was interested in joining her on a trip to Abadiania, Brazil, a small town located in the heart of the city, where a certain John Of God resided. I said yes on the spot. On October 2011, I set foot for the first time on Brazilian land. It was early morning, yet the moist air was already hot. As the minivan approached our final destination, the Pousada - a sort of a hostel with white walls and barred window where we were staying, I wanted to go back. I had no idea back then those three weeks - spent walking around the hills, sun-bathing and meditating, would pass so fast. The Brazilians have a strong Catholic faith, yet they also believe in spirits and in the capacity of certain people to talk to these spirits (same as Whoopi Goldberg in "The Ghost"). John of God is the most renowned Brazilian who can do this. He discovered his gift when he was 16 years old. Casa Del Dom Ignacio in Abadiania is his creation, a place where people from all over the world come to heal their body and mind. Some do, some don't. I for one left Brazil knowing what my life purpose was, aware that love is our natural state of being. Abadiania is more than a picturesque place with cottages painted in lively colors and shaman shops. It is a place where people - pilgrims and locals alike, live in harmony. 

The lock-key enters the scene in November 2015. Do you need inspiration? Then forget a lock-key at home and notice this when you reach the airport at the last moment. Your mind will create a thriller. At least, this is how my mind worked. I imagined the airport security officers asking me to open the suitcase, than breaking it open or even worth, sending me back home. Of, course none of these happened. I even met a lovely Latvian lady who explained me how could I open the suitcase without ruining it (I'll spare you the details, she found them on Facebook). It worked. Still, the combination of the missing lock-key and the recent fire in a club in Bucharest that killed some of my friends made me emotional and sometimes cry without no reason. Picture me driving on the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway, my cheeks wet with tears. 

Two weeks later, I started working on "I Choose Love! Overcome Your Fears To Attract The Life You Want." It came unexpectedly - since I am primarily a fiction author, whispered by my heart. The above stories and others are in the book. With one goal. To remind you that...

"You are not a puppet on a string at the mercy of an invisible puppeteer, acting on a rotten stage. You are a wonderful and powerful creature who has been given one of the most beautiful homes in the Universe: Mother Earth. You are a spark of divinity having a human experience. A very short one compared to eternity. Make it count. Make it memorable. Tame your fears, release your insecurities. Bring harmony inside and outside of you. Turn on your inner light. Make it shine brightly and be an inspiration for those around you. The more of us will shine with love and authenticity; the better our lives will be. The answer to our fears is not a better government or honest politicians, but our willingness to take the first step to a life of love and authenticity. Stop waiting for things to happen and start acting.

May you create the life you want!

Where can I buy this fabulous book?

About the author.

A.G.Billig is a fiction and non-fiction author, certified trainer and radio host. She has a philology and public relations background. As a former TV producer and host and editor-in-chief of glossy magazines, she knows how mass media operate. For the past seven years, A.G. Billig has been a Reiki practitioner. Traveling became a way of self-knowledge and enlightenment ever since. Her spiritual trip to Abadiania, Brazil in 2010 was an eye-opener about her life purpose. It was then that she realized she had to return to her childhood dream: becoming a writer. MP Publishing traditionally published her debut book, a collection of short stories titled Four Doors and Other Stories in November 2012. When she does not imagine things, she enjoys dancing (especially salsa), traveling, doing sports (she is a fan of Kangoo Jumps, skiing, skating, and aerobics), taking long walks, reading, listening to the music, being outdoors and taking pictures. Yoga and meditation are an important part of her daily routine.
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