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Author Interview - LKJSlain @LKJSlain

Author, LKJSlain is looking for readers to check out her latest book.

Hello, I’m Lisa. My pseudonym is LKJSlain. I have been writing for over twenty years now and I am not published. I need critique’, guidance and a chance.

MY: His Lisa, it is a pleasure to have you on the blog today.  Could you tell us about your writing journey so far.
 LS: Currently, I’m not published. Unless you consider my work online published. This is definitely my goal but I have been more than a little careful about doing it. My work needs editing and criticism. I know this. I need a lot of help. I’ve been doing this for over twenty years now, but I have never been to an editor or publisher. I am trying to make this the year, and this novel the book.

MY: What does your average ‘writing day’ look like?
LS: Lots of glaring intently at the screen and screaming for it to write itself. HaHa. To be honest, when I get on a roll, I get on a roll. I finished this novel beginning to end in about six weeks.

MY: Are…

Author Interview - Debra Benson @bensondebra

Is that the sun shinning?  Dare we go and sit in the garden to conduct today's interview? Oh why not... we will wear our coats!  Let's give a warm welcome to author  Debra Benson
While Debra and I find out coats, why don't you take a quick look at Debra's latest book.

     Andrea’s life fell apart when she was laid off from a good paying job, but she found comfort in church, and then in the gentle arms of the Reverend. That would have been the perfect solution if he wasn’t already married to her best friend, one thing led to another and things just happened. What happens when two people in need of love find each other? Can Andrea and Melvin find their way past sin and salvage their personal lives, as well as their standing with God?  ***  MY: Hi Debra, it's great to meet you. Could you tell us a little bit about your journey to becoming a published author. DB: In 2005, I received a post card advertisement in the mail from a company named Long Ridge Writers Gr…

Book Spotlight - Signs of (a) life @liamsamolis

✯✯✯ ✶Signs of (a) Life✶ ✯✯✯
Let's give a warm welcome to author,Liam Samolis.
Much like his beloved – and somewhat decrepit – cars, Liam Samolis (NOT his real name; that was changed in order to protect his wife and children from ridicule on the off chance some of their friends will read his work) is hurtling towards 50 with the brakes failing. The painful loss of his father leads Liam to look back at his life as he contemplates the legacy he is leaving his own children; resulting in a hilarious, often self-deprecating, and ALWAYS brutally, side-splittingly, honest glimpse at the path that has lead him to become the man that he is. With stories about growing up as a painfully shy child in England, going to an all-boys’ school, and what can only be described as the most uproariously hysterical bar scene EVER written, Liam also recounts his days as a police officer, the births of his children, and saying goodbye to his father. What began as a legacy to his children will send readers int…

Author Interview - Jessica Norrie @jessica_norrie

This is the life...sat on the "perfect" beach, with an ice-cream in hand - the sea is so blue and so calm. Perfect! This exotic location is the perfect spot to interview contemporary fiction author, Jessica Norrie.
So while we eat our ice-creams, why don't you take a quick look at Jessica's latest book.
The Infinity Pool

In this thoughtful novel set on a sun-baked island, Adrian Hartman, the charismatic director of the Serendipity holiday community, is responsible for ensuring the perfect mindful break, with personal growth and inner peace guaranteed. People return year after year to bare their souls. For some, Adrian IS Serendipity.

But Adrian disappears, and with him goes the serenity of his staff and guests, who are bewildered without their leader. The hostility of the local villagers is beginning to boil over. Is their anger justified or are the visitors, each in a different way, just paranoid?

As romance turns sour and conflict threatens the stability of bot…