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Author Interview - Debra Benson @bensondebra

      Is that the sun shinning?  Dare we go and sit in the garden to conduct today's interview? Oh why not... we will wear our coats!  Let's give a warm welcome to author 
Debra Benson

While Debra and I find out coats, why don't you take a quick look at Debra's latest book.

      Andrea’s life fell apart when she was laid off from a good paying job, but she found comfort in church, and then in the gentle arms of the Reverend. That would have been the perfect solution if he wasn’t already married to her best friend, one thing led to another and things just happened. What happens when two people in need of love find each other? Can Andrea and Melvin find their way past sin and salvage their personal lives, as well as their standing with God? 
    MY: Hi Debra, it's great to meet you. Could you tell us a little bit about your journey to becoming a published author.
DB: In 2005, I received a post card advertisement in the mail from a company named Long Ridge Writers Group.  It suggested to write the book you have always wanted to write and to fill out the card and request more information.  I did.  I enrolled in their  ‘Breaking Into Print’ correspondence course first and then their ‘Shape, Write, and Sell your Novel’.  I completed both  classes in about four years.  I learned a lot overall.  
In 2010, I believe is when e-books began their popularity.  I was still working full-time and trying to finish my story, my novel; which actually turned out to be a short story, ‘Perfect Wedding’ now titled ‘Dreams of Marriage’, the next couple of years I spent time arranging and rearranging my story still trying to learn point of view, dialogue, the difference between show and tell and much more in order to get my book published. 

My first mistake to getting published was to choose the wrong publisher because I was exhausted from trying to learn, study, and write a novel along with working full-time.  I wanted to get published right away.  Self-publishing was new upon the scene.  However, I thought I could hire a good publisher to do the editing, publishing, and promoting for me; it would be great.  I would pay them to do a good job.  The problem is I chose a vanity publisher from the phone book to my regret, and it cost way too much money and stress to get them to do what was promised.  However, this is how my first book got published ‘Dreams of Marriage’.  I was very proud of the accomplishment.  I received all of my rights back from the vanity publisher around 2013, I then joined the ranks of Indie Publishing, and I love it this way. 

MY: Could you tell us what you are currently working on? 

DB: I’m working on book 2 for this series The Endless Affair. 

MY: Where do you see yourself in five years? 

DB: I hopefully will be retired and writing poetry and short stories and arranging cut-flowers. 

MY: Last question, would you mind sharing an excerpt of your work with us?  

DB: It would be my pleasure.

Chapter 1

The Egg & I in downtown Cypress was warm, cozy, and the smell of fresh ground coffee and the sweet smell of breakfast cooking, wrapped me in a blanket of treasured memories. When I invited my sister to meet me here for breakfast, it was to confess it all, but was I ready? We considered this place to be something of a lucky charm because the issues we discussed here always seemed to work out for the best. 

I was nervous though; I had some disturbing news to share with my sister. I really needed her advice. I knew what she was probably going to say, but I needed to hear it out loud. 

I gulped down the water the waitress brought, but it didn’t help much to settle the butterflies battling in my stomach. Maybe a cup of wine would help, but what with my still-thin finances, wine was out of the question. Besides, wine for breakfast? I don’t think so. 

I needed to be able to explain it all – get it out in the open. I needed to stop all the hiding. I prayed Julie wouldn’t be too angry, but I already knew she wouldn’t approve. I know I wouldn’t if our places were switched. I just hoped she would still be my loving sister. 

Who was I kidding? I was such a bad person. Having an affair with my best friend’s husband was bad enough, but having an affair with the reverend of our church who was also married doubled my crime. 

Someone came in and the chill autumn air raised goosebumps all down my arms and back. I guess I should have worn something heavier than my yellow windbreaker; there was supposed to be a few more hot days left of the summer, but I guess today wasn’t one of them. I tried to rub the shivers away, and when that didn’t work, I picked up the menu hoping to distract myself.

The waitress came over. “Are you ready to order?”

Her rich southern drawl surprised me; it wasn’t common to the area. Absently, my finger pushed my glasses up my nose. Having something warm to drink would be perfect. I could do with a cup of coffee, and I couldn’t resist indulging myself just a bit. “I’ll take a cup of coffee with the hazelnut creamer.” I took a deep breath and pushed back in my seat then I went back to the menu.

As if all my distractions weren’t enough, my legs began to tremble. I tried to stop them, but it felt like they had a mind of their own. I knew it was nerves. Not so long ago, my life had pretty much fallen apart, and most recently it had taken a most unexpected turn. My stomach wanted to add its own tremors to my day. 

The waitress returned with my coffee, and I closed my eyes to immerse myself in the experience. The warm nutty aroma of the hot coffee seemed to appease my stomach for the time being. 

“What else would you like to order?” asked the waitress, her hand poised over her pad.

“Just coffee for now. I’m waiting for my sister.” After I said that, I spotted Julie at the door just as another chill burst of air hit me. “There she is now.”

The young waitress looked toward the door. “No problem.” She put her pad in her apron pocket. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

My sister, Julie, looked so good in those light blue skinny jeans. I was a little jealous. I’d been trying to lose twenty pounds for months now, but while working at the food bank and helping out at the shelter ensured me some change in my pocket, and food on the table, it did nothing to further any kind of dieting. I was losing that battle, and here my little sister was skinny as a toothpick without any effort at all.

“Hey, sis.” I stood and we hugged like we hadn’t seen each other in ages; it was always that way, but it always felt so good. “You look good. One day I hope to get down to your size.” She grinned, sharing my joke. She was so petite; I was never going to fit into her jeans, and we both knew it.

“I wish I had your hips and those plus-size boobs,” said Julie. “Then I’d really have it going on.” She tried to sashay her thin frame, but there just wasn’t much to move around. We both laughed. I had my hips and boobs since I was about ten, and she was still trying to catch up.

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About the author
Debra lives in the Lone Star State of Texas. Writing has helped her become a better communicator and live a less stressful life. She writes bite-size fiction, poetry and non-fiction and hopes to one day be able to write full time. She also teaches courses about the benefits of writing. 
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