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Author Interview - Heather Jones-Kipp @heatherkippnola

Let's give a warm welcome to fantasy author, Heather Jones-Kipp.

Meet Cordelia Eaton. She’s 12 years old and decidedly unremarkable in all aspects of her life. In her darkest hours, she learns of her family’s legacy and that she is far from ordinary. Her family not only lives and works on the water as fishermen, but they return to the sea upon their death and live eternally below as mermaids. Follow Cordelia in this riveting coming of age story, where she’ll confront past hurts in her earthly life and make plans for her future life – The Life Below.


Author Interview 

1.     Could you tell us a little bit about your journey to becoming a published author. 
I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would write a book that people would actually enjoy reading! Then one night I had a dream and when I woke up I started taking notes. I looked over my notes for several days and thought to myself that it might make a pretty interesting book! I started making more notes as I was inspired or had more dreams with ideas and eventually was able to start writing! It was a really fun process and I am eager to finish and publish the next three books to complete the series. 

2. What does you average 'writing day' look like?

 Honestly, with 4 kids and a husband and a full time job, it’s hard to find time to write. Usually when I get inspired and need to start getting my ideas on paper, I just tell my husband to keep the kids happy because I’ve got to write. I hole up in my bedroom with my laptop and some music playing and write until my hands go numb

3. Are there any authors that you particularly admire? And if so, why?
Wally Lamb. Hands down. She’s Come Undone is my favorite book of all time. I’ve read it hundreds of times and have 3 copies so I can always pick it up and read it again. I couldn’t believe that a male writer could so eloquently and perfectly portray this female character and all of the emotions that women go through when transitioning to womanhood. Every time I read that book, I become Dolores Price and it is a magical journey each and every time.

4. What are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on the second book in The Life Below series. I have notes and outlines for the second, third, and fourth books in the series and it’s been really fun to put them together, piece by piece. 

5. If you could give advice to an aspiring author, what would it be? 

 Just do it. It’s scary and you may worry that no one will like or understand your work but do it anyway. At the end of the day, if you’re proud of the work you’ve produced then it’s a win either way you slice it.

6. Authors are often portrayed as being cat owners who drink a lot of coffee. Is that true for you? 

I have no cats and prefer water or Diet Coke over coffee any day of the week! ;)

7. What does your 'perfect' day look like? 

My perfect day would be to sleep late, enjoy breakfast with my kids, then head out to the beach or park with 75 degree weather, a nice breeze, and a book in my hand. 

8. What is your biggest vice?

I have the mouth of a sailor. 

9. If you could meet anyone from the past, who would it be and why? 

 My maternal great-grandmother. She died when I was very young. All I’ve ever heard is what an amazing woman she was and I wish I could know her as an adult.

10. Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I see myself as an established author with movies based on my books in the works. That is my hope, anyway!

And lastly, could we have a sneak peak inside your book? 

Of course!!

"...for he loved the sea that captured him in his final moments..." I pick at the hem of my dress as I hear the preacher drone on about my father and how much he loved the sea. Not about his family or his only child, me, but his one truest love...the sea. 
            I dodge hugs from all the women in the funeral line who offer their condolences with little feeling behind their words. They tell me to take things one day at a time. They tell me it will get better. They tell me to keep my chin up. I breathe a sigh of relief as the line of parishioners comes to an end. As my grandmother talks to the preacher, I steal away across the street to sit atop the rocks and watch the sun set over the breaking waves. 
            My emotions match the tides, coming in ebbs and flows. I am offered some solace in that I'll have a reprieve from the grief after another crying spell. My tears are as salty as the splashes of salt water stinging my face from the waves. My breathing comes in jagged spurts and I feel like I'm drowning myself. 
            I'm confused. It's too much. Like my mother just a year before, the sea was her first love and it took both their lives. Why? What did I do to deserve this? Two parents who loved the sea more than their own flesh and blood and that both died so shortly into my own life. 
            My name is Cordelia. I'm 12 years old and now I'm an orphan. 
     You can purchase Heather's fabulous book - here

About the author 
Heather Jones-Kipp is a wife, mom of 4, student, and writer currently living just outside of New Orleans. Her favorite authors are John Grisham and Wally Lamb. In her free time, Heather enjoys social media, fun activities and trips with her family, watching The Walking Dead, reading, and working on her future novels. 
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