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Book Spotlight - The Dangerous Woman #amreading @claire_perry_w

Mystery author, Clare Perry, has joined us on the blog today.

Paradise has never seen the like of jeopardy.

Welcome to the gut-wrenching world of Alice Cornwell, Jewel of the Universe, a multi-millionaire left with her husband’s jewelry market empire after his untimely death six years ago.

How did a woman’s dream career turn nightmare? All her money can seem to buy is the riotous living and ingratitude of her adult son Joseph.

When Joe insists on gifting her astronomically valuable assets to the mentally disturbed Anita White, Alice is forced into positions of violence and mental duress no human can safely weather and emerge from whole. She will face her son’s searing hatred as she denies his wishes or risk losing her entire empire to his extravagant waste.

Things are swiftly out of her hands. Who will reap the ultimate cost of Joe’s reckless abandonment? How many people will be put at dire risk because of the Cornwell family feud?


Book Extract...

Senator Louie Bradley looked outside his apartment’s window and he wondered if running again for the senate this coming election was a good decision for a man, who had been withered by time already.

He drew the curtains down and retreated into the bedroom where a full length mirror was situated. He checked his reflection and was somehow pleased with what he saw. In his early sixties, he still boasted of thick curly black hair. Of course, the black hair was not because his genes were great to begin with, but rather he owed the jet black hair to a salon. Dark eyes peered from underneath his wire- rimmed glasses. His skin had not gone sallow and he attributed it to the constant exercise. Indeed, life had been good to him.

"Honey?" A voice outside called and was immediately followed by a middle aged woman peering behind the door.

Senator Louie smiled at his wife— at the woman he referred to as his charm to winning the previous election.

True enough, Blair Constance-Bradley had the charm meant for a leader. She was attractive, but not beautiful enough to make the heads of men turn around when she passed by.

"We should be going," Blair said.

"I know, I know," Senator Louie said. "It's just that—," he paused, trying to hold off what he wanted to say. "I'm not sure if I'm happy about this whole fiasco."

Blair laughed. "Fiasco?" She said incredulously. "It is a celebration for you, for the service that you rendered to the Americans. Everyone's proud of you."

"Definitely not everyone—" the senator said.

"Fine. Not everyone, but at least the majority is. Come on," Blair said. "Let's go now. You would not want to miss the event."

Senator Louie considered hiding under the bed, but because of his age, he realized that he could end up having a broken back. Besides, Blair would still drag her to the party so the broken back would be for naught.

He dragged his feet as he walked on.

He shot another long look at the room before leaving.

He wondered if he was being nostalgic because in a matter of months, he would no longer be a senator.

Should he join the candidacy again?

It was a question that his wife Blair did not want to dwell on because as she had termed it— it was not meant for an old man. He was to be retired soon. And Blair insisted that she should spend their days together instead of how they do spend them now. While Blair was out working for some non- governmental organization, Louie was spending days deliberating on what would be best for the economy.

As he reached the car that was waiting for them, Louie felt an odd longing that he could still run for the senate.

If he told Blair his thoughts, would she leave him? There was a good two decades separating them, and he could understand why Blair wanted a life out of the public's scrutinizing eyes. But in all honesty, Louie knew that he could only be happy with public service.

Maybe running for public office had something to do with age— he thought as he scratched his chin.

Louie did not notice that the driver had sped through the streets of New York and in a few minutes, he would be gracing the party that contrary to his knowledge, was organized by his wife to announce his upcoming senatorial bid.

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About the author.
I am an English writer, born in Liverpool in 1984.

I am originally trained as a teacher, but my educational background in journalism has given me a broad base from which to approach many topics. I'm loves watching thriller films while enjoy my afternoon tea.

I am originally provides book writing coaching and book editing services. I has written several books for many publishers. Recently I has expand to the digital markets.

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