Sunday, 17 April 2016

Book Spotlight - Surviving The Camp Of Death #amreading @susanhorsnell

Teen author, Tamsen Horsnell, has joined us on the blog today.

Sophie and Abby are a two headed girl who have faced hatred and prejudice for as long as they remember.
It is this hatred and betrayal which sees them captured by Germans.
How will they escape the hands of the brutal doctor who wants to experiment?
Written for Young Adults by a 14year old.

 Book Extract...
The doors to the cattle truck slammed shut as they filled the last few, precious spaces in the already over-crowded car. The train jerked to life and sped off as we began our journey into the unknown.

The car was damp, dark, with only a few slivers of light filtering through the small gaps in the wooden boarding. People sobbed, terrified for their lives. Terrified of the unknown.

We were jammed into a corner; hot, fetid bodies beside us. We wrapped our arms around us as tears trickled down my cheeks and I silently cried. What would become of us? What would become of Abby, my other head? One could not survive without the other. Were we doomed to die on this trip into hell?

Days passed by slowly, I had no idea how long we had been in the hot, airless car. The train had stopped once or twice and, although I tried hard to peer through the gaps in the boards, nothing could be seen.  No-one came for us. No food, no water and only one bucket to relieve ourselves in. One bucket for more than eighty people, most of whom could not get near it.

       Where can I buy this fabulous book? 
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 About the author
Tamsen is a 14 year old school student with an active imagination and a love of writing, drawing and reading.
Her main hobby is riding her horse and competing at pony club.
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  1. Thank you so much for supporting my granddaughter and posting about her book

  2. This is a great story, amazing work from a 14 year old.