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#BookReview - Letters to Laura by Wesley Rivers @RiversofWords #amreading

"...I am usually left to write one of these letters, which I hope someday can offer wisdom and healing for people going through heartbreak."

I had the very great pleasure of reviewing debut author, Wesley Rivers, new book...

Letters to Laura

Let's take a look at the book... 

Wesley is not only a member of the LGBT community, but her first published novel, Letters to Laura, is centered around the heartbreaking story of two women who fall into love…then fall out of love. As an epistolary (a story told through a series of letters) Letters to Laura captures something very raw, intimate, and personal about the human condition. Coming out of the closet, losing your virginity, being abandoned by that all-too-important first love; these themes are familiar and yet still poignant to every human journey. From one ex-lover to another, it traverses along the path of brokenness and pushes its way toward genuine self-discovery. The reader is taken on a front-row journey of self-acceptance and self-love by the surgical abstractions of Dr. Greif – not a monster to be avoided but the medicine you need to thrive once more. Only after one has obtained self-love may they fully embrace another human being.

What did I think of the book?

Sometimes the person your thought was your 'forever' turns your world upside down by announcing the unthinkable..."it's over." The initial disbelief…the, 'this can't be happening' feeling that breaks your heart, is something that you will never forget. Your life is over, how will you ever go on? If there was only someone you could turn to - who isn't going to judge you, who isn't going to say "don't worry, love - there are plenty more fish in the sea." If only there was someone who understands exactly what you are going through, because they have gone through it too. If only...

'Letter's to Laura' is that someone.

'Letter's to Laura' is one of the most honest books that I have ever read. Through a collection of letters it takes the reader through the emotional trauma of a relationship break down. At times it is so raw it had me in tears. It is as if Rivers has let you into her inner most soul, trusting you with all the secrets and disappointments of her heart. This isn't a self-help book - it is not telling you to do this and change that, it is simply saying - hey, this is my story, my journey, come with me and I promise you it does get better.

I think anyone who has experienced heartbreak will recognize the journey that this book takes you on. The utter disbelief, followed by a grief so intense it feels like your heart can't breathe, the anger that is sure to follow and the countless tears. The numbness and then slowly, over a period of time...hope. This book, I thought, would be a real gem for someone going through their own hellish journey to 'normality.'

Letters to Laura tells it's reader, that it is perfectly normal to feel like this and some days are better than others, but eventually the bad days will become less frequent and that life really does, go on. This book offers it's readers hope.

I would Highly Recommend this book.

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About the author.

Bio blurbs like this make Wesley cringe, mainly because she despises being tied down or forced to represent herself in a certain way. Loving change for the sake of change, her work spans several genres.

Wesley Rivers is charmingly cocky beyond reason, willful beyond words, and warm beyond understanding. Wesley embodies the idea that we don't have to define or identify ourselves with petty human concepts, but instead we can embrace each present moment--the NOW--and just BE.

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