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#Free on Kindle 1st - 3rd June ~ The Pitchfork Rebellion

⚔ The Pitchfork Rebellion ⚔
FREE on Kindle, for a limited time only 1st June ~ 3rd June

From the author who brought us The Du Lac Chronicles

When the devil wanted to destroy the world he would do so with fire. Alden du Lac knew this for a fact, because the devil had come to Cerniw.

Alden may have driven the man who tortured him from his lands, but he can do nothing to drive him from his dreams.

Alden has become bitter, angry and unrecognizable to those who love him. The only person whom could possible bring him back from the brink is his younger brother Merton. But even Merton is at a loss as to what to do.

As Alden seemingly wars with himself, there is a new threat to the kingdom. A threat that nobody foresaw, or could have possibly predicted…

The adventure continues in this beautiful novella.

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Amazon UK

Praise for The Pitchfork Rebellion
I’m a huge fan of this series and while this is a darker story, I loved it. Alden’s guilt, Merton’s devotion, Annis’ torment all co…

Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

Books Go Social Recommended Read of the Week! Verton, Pennsylvania, is a steel town where impartiality in the age-old war between the company and the workers never goes unpunished. Glenn Dempster, the town’s new police chief after ending his predecessor’s corrupt administration, is untrusted, even in victory. At the start of his administration, he undergoes trial by fire when an explosion at the steel mill’s blast furnace threatens the end of steel production. Four are killed. One victim, with only partial remains, goes unidentified, beginning a final battle between union and company over the identity.

In the disaster’s aftermath, every rift in town is exposed, including Glenn’s oldest friendships and his failing marriage. When the children of Glenn’s opponents target his young daughter at school, a father weighs his family’s safety against his principles, and a police chief considers how to apply his authority.

Eleven-year-old Heather throws herself into the conflict when…

Book Spotlight - Awaken to Peace #booksgs @AwakentoPeace

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Awaken to Peace ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯  Author,Michelle Carter, has joined us on the blog today to showcase her latest book.

Book Tour - The Lady Protector #romance @SecretRealmBook

The Lady’s Protector

(Highland Bodyguards, Book 1)


Emma Prince

Blog Tour

May 19 – 29

The Battle of Bannockburn may be over, but the war is far from won. Her Protector…

Ansel Sutherland is charged with a mission from King Robert the Bruce to protect the illegitimate son of a powerful English Earl. Though Ansel bristles at aiding an Englishman, the nature of the war for Scottish independence is changing, and he is honor-bound to serve as a bodyguard. He arrives in England to fulfill his assignment, only to meet the beautiful but secretive Lady Isolda, who refuses to tell him where his ward is.  When a mysterious attacker threatens Isolda’s life, Ansel realizes he is the only thing standing between her and deadly peril. His Lady…

Lady Isolda harbors dark secrets—secrets she refuses to reveal to the rugged Highland rogue who arrives at her castle demanding answers. But Ansel’s dark eyes cut through all her defenses, threatening to undo her resolve. To protect her past, she cannot submit to the …

Book Spotlight - The Last Savior - Book 1 @moreaboutme

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ The Last Savior Book 1 ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯
I welcome author, Jalleh Doty, onto the blog today. 
It is about a person that is chosen to save humanity from itself in a world that has decayed beyond repair where people have lost hope. The beginning deals with his mother as to who she is and what kind of nurturing she does to help her child take his place as the last savior.
The Savior fosters his own teachings merging science with spirituality as he confronted with the unknown as to how people will perceive him in the world of modern religion.
Some think he is the reincarnation of Jesus, Some people think he's a profit, some will hate him. But he is not alone in the world as he meets people who help him on his Journey, to be his support to accomplish what he must. To give humanity hope, To redefine what God is and so much more.
Where can I purchase The Last Savior? Lulu 
About the author  This is the first full length story book that I have created with Paricher Adli called The Last Savi…

Author Interview - Francisco Rebollo #booksgs @flycisco

Let's give a warm welcome to Sci-Fi / Romance author,Francisco Rebollo who has happily agreed to an author interview today!! First, let's take a look at his latest book... ORB 'An aeronautical love story from an altered world’
All is about to be unveiled…
Oannes Jones is an airline pilot living in a much altered world where a pervasive technology seeps into every part of people’s lives in order to create a compliant, unthinking society.
He believes he has found his purpose in playing father to Riply, a young girl not his own. But he also feels hopelessly torn between two women, one of whom is Riply’s mother.
And then it happens: a dangerous mid-air encounter with a mysterious ball of light – the Orb.
The encounter awakens him to a new reality. Life, the world and even dreams begin to look and feel different. His friends begin to change as well. Clues are laid out for