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Book Spotlight - Awaken to Peace #booksgs @AwakentoPeace

Awaken to Peace
Author, Michelle Carter, has joined us on the blog today to showcase her latest book.

Are you against war and all the violence that we are constantly experiencing in the world?

I believe the majority of people in the world desire peace, so if this is true, then why do we not have peace?

·      We feel helpless and powerless when governments are in charge
·      We feel fear that we may be harmed if we speak out
·      Governments are choosing war even when we do demonstrate against it

More importantly what can we do to create peace?

We can actually do far more than we realize, especially when we understand ‘The Power of the Universe’ and use this energy to create peace.

If you desire peace, then allow this book to open your mind to new possibilities and a new way of living.

Awaken to Peace explores this in a light-hearted and easy to read way, guiding you through the chapters to learn about energy and how we can use this power to create peace and all we desire. No knowledge of energy or healing is needed to read this book, just an open mind and willingness to learn.
 Let's take a quick look inside the book....

‘Why do we need to awaken to peace?’ The answer to this is because: -

We have war, and the majority of people

On earth do not want to be at war.

If the majority of people do not want war, then isn’t it up to us, the majority, to do something to stop us being at war? The answer is of course a huge YES, but I know that so many people, and that used to include myself too, don’t believe we can make a difference. We feel we are just one person with no power against governments and all those making the decisions, and no power over people with guns and bombs.

However, when we unite and use our majority intention together, we do have huge power and that is what ‘Awaken to Peace’ is all about: -


Using our group intention to create peace.

The good news is that anyone who chooses peace can add their energy to the group intention right now, in their own home with the information in this book!

In fact, anyone can help create peace without even knowing any of the behind the scenes facts or discovering the Truth.  What action appeals to you after reading this book is your choice and you need to follow your own feelings to do what is right for you. Every little thing we all do is adding to the collective intention to create peace and that can only be good! So let’s get started . . . but where on earth do we start?  Well, let’s start with why I have written ‘Awaken to Peace’ and what I hope to achieve for you as you read it.

I have written ‘Awaken to Peace’ in a light-hearted and easy to read style, so that you enjoy reading all the information contained in these pages. Many readers of my previous book ‘Loving You – Discover Your True Inner Self’ commented on how much they liked the ‘easy going style’ of my writing, and that it felt like I was having a cozy chat with them! We are more willing to be open to new information if we feel happy and relaxed, so I have also infused ‘Awaken to Peace’ with powerful Pure and Divine Energies so that you feel peaceful and inspired as you read! 

I have included energy work and releasing statements, like the one below, (which I will explain later in more detail), so just enjoy being open-minded, and have fun with the process of learning more as you read: -

“I choose to be open to new ideas and release any resistance to learning something new. I understand that learning about something new can be fun and exciting and has no threat to me, or my existing views, as I don’t have to change anything I believe, unless I choose to change it. I feel safe and excited to learn new ideas and to be open to new possibilities!’

Finding out why we have war when the majority of people want to live in peace is one way of moving towards peace. I mean how can we change something if we don’t know what is wrong?

Well there are two aspects to life: -

·      Our human life, knowledge and awareness

·      ‘The Power of the Universe’, the universal life force behind of all life

In terms of human life and human systems, it is very true to say that we do need to know what is wrong before we can change the system to a better one.

However in terms of the whole universe there is a whole system of power all around us, that most of the Western World do not acknowledge exists, and certainly don’t use it to their advantage.

What if we were to open our minds to the possibility that there is an infinite power greater than humans, and that we could learn about this power and use it to create peace on earth? Now wouldn’t that be a really amazing thing to do? Of course it would! So let’s start by opening our minds to  . . . whatever!

Let’s leave religion and politics out, in fact we are going to leave all human systems and beliefs out and we are going to talk about energy . . . Universal Energy!

Where can I purchase this fabulous book?

About the author

Michelle Carter is an International Divine Energy Channel & Author.  She is also a genuinely kind, caring person who is passionate about helping people to positively change their lives, by connecting to their inner selves and heart’s desires.

Her strong Pure Divine Integrity and ability to discern comes from her powerful soul connection and also makes her energy channeling incredibly powerful and profound.

Michelle discovered her gifts to channel energies when looking for ways to heal herself from severe adrenal exhaustion, which brought her life to a standstill when her physical body collapsed and she was too ill to get out of bed for months. She has lived through lack, broken and controlling relationships, being attacked by dark energies, as well as many illnesses, accidents and injuries and has much empathy and understanding for others feeling stuck in these issues.

When Michelle channels Pure Energies, she acts like a satellite receiver to transmit these pure vibrations to others. Her work involves releasing hidden blocks and energies that are keeping people stuck in lack, illness, unhappy relationships, jobs and lifestyles that aren’t serving them. She also does much work helping Light-workers to release dark energies, feel their Divine Power and Shine their Lights with confidence, along with filling with powerful Pure and Divine Energies to raise our vibration, the vibration of the world and have us feeling good!

She was guided to write her first book to reach a wider audience and help more people. She has infused her energy work into her book, ‘Loving You – Discover Your True Inner Self’.  Many people can feel the energy just by holding the book or looking at the front cover image!

Her second book ‘Awaken to Peace’ has recently been published, written to open people up to the ‘Power of the Universe’ and sharing how we can use this amazing power to really create peace on earth NOW!

Her powerful energy work and authentic caring personality touches the heart of those she works with. She has a powerful mission to fill the world with as much Pure Love & Light as possible and to Create Heaven on Earth for all those that choose it.

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