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Book Spotlight - I can I will @bensondebra #booksgs

I Can I Will ✶ 
Endless Affair Series - Book 1
(Book Spotlight)

Let's give a warm welcome to author Debra Benson

      Andrea’s life fell apart when she was laid off from a good paying job, but she found comfort in church, and then in the gentle arms of the Reverend. That would have been the perfect solution if he wasn’t already married to her best friend, one thing led to another and things just happened. What happens when two people in need of love find each other? Can Andrea and Melvin find their way past sin and salvage their personal lives, as well as their standing with God?


Book Extract
 Chapter 2
As I turned into my apartment complex, the first thing I saw was a crowd of people; it looked like everyone who lived there was out hanging around the entrance. Then I noticed the fire engines, three of them. I rolled my window down and heard the fire alarms going off – geez, what a god-awful wail. Just what I needed to ruin my evening; and I was hoping for some rest and relaxation.

There must have been a fire somewhere, the firemen were decked out in full gear, and as I idled by, they were putting their fire hoses back into their trucks, but I couldn’t see or smell any smoke, and there was no water on the ground that I could see.

Since no one flagged me down, I idled on past the fire trucks and the crowd watching-on. They were all chatting and laughing among themselves as if it was one big party, though without any food and drink being passed around. It was all a puzzle. Maybe someone had forgotten their pan on the stove, but the fire hadn’t gotten out of hand. Heck, maybe it was some teenager pulling the fire alarm, thinking it would be funny. Who knows?

I saw two maintenance men I knew walking toward the front office. Seeing them made me feel more secure, especially since they didn’t seem all in a fluster. Of all people, if they were panicked, it would be cause to worry. Now if only they would shut off that God-awful fire alarm.

As I turned the corner toward my apartment, framed directly in front of me was my favorite end of the day view – the sun setting behind the oak trees just beyond the property. This view let me know that my full day was almost over. However, I still needed to finish one more thing before I fixed my last meal of the day.

The sweet smell of fall came to me through my car window, and along with it was the smell of turkey baking, but Thanksgiving was at least two weeks away. I shivered and rolled my window up. From now on, I’m bringing my heavier coat, even if I don’t end up wearing it.

As I was about to back the car into my garage, my neighbor tapped on my window. I met LaShawn and her husband, Victor, shortly after moving here. At the time, my apartment was one of the few singles left open that had an attached garage. I loved my little car cubby; it meant I never had to search for a parking space, and it gave me a little extra space to stuff things.

Since I was turned around, looking over my shoulder to back up, I didn’t see anyone approach the car. When she tapped her fingernail against the glass, I was so startled, I jumped. “Geez!” My hands came off the steering wheel and fortunately my foot slipped off the gas pedal.

LaShawn gave me a tiny wave, biting her lip in apology for startling me. Her husband, Victor, was standing at the bottom of the steps that led up to their apartment on the second floor; he too waved.

I put my car in park, and rolled the window down again. The alarm was still wailing. “Geez, would they never get that racket turned off? What’s with that? Why is it still going off? I saw firemen at the front office too.”

LaShawn leaned on my door. “I hear someone over on the next street smelled smoke and called 911.”

Victor came up and put his arm around LaShawn’s shoulders.

“Are you serious?” I asked. “They only smelled smoke? They didn’t see any? Geez! Who does that?”

LaShawn smiled. “Yep. It’s better to be over cautious than not cautious enough, I guess. I overheard someone say that the fire alarm for the apartments can only be turned off by the management, and they’re not here; they’re on their way though.” as if the comment was some kind of command, the fire alarm went quiet and blessed silence filled the air. What a relief.

“So, I see you both are all prettied up – bangle earrings and cufflinks. Are you going out to the Broadway Theater, or are you having dinner at the White House?”

They both laughed and Victor tugged self-consciously at his cuffs. “No,” said LaShawn. “We were planning to go to the movies here in a little while. Have you heard about the new movie, War Room? Anyway, it’s nice to get all ‘prettied up’ once in a while. Victor picked out my dress. You like it.” She stepped back and did a turn to show it off.

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About the author
     Debra lives in the Lone Star State of Texas. Writing has helped her become a better communicator and live a less stressful life. She writes bite-size fiction, poetry and non-fiction and hopes to one day be able to write full time. She also teaches courses about the benefits of writing. 
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