Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Book Spotlight - The Last Savior - Book 1 @moreaboutme

The Last Savior
Book 1

I welcome author, Jalleh Doty, onto the blog today. 

 It is about a person that is chosen to save humanity from itself in a world that has decayed beyond repair where people have lost hope. The beginning deals with his mother as to who she is and what kind of nurturing she does to help her child take his place as the last savior.

The Savior fosters his own teachings merging science with spirituality as he confronted with the unknown as to how people will perceive him in the world of modern religion.

Some think he is the reincarnation of Jesus, Some people think he's a profit, some will hate him. But he is not alone in the world as he meets people who help him on his Journey, to be his support to accomplish what he must. To give humanity hope, To redefine what God is and so much more.

Where can I purchase The Last Savior?

About the author 
 This is the first full length story book that I have created with Paricher Adli called The Last Savior book 1. Jalleh Doty is a previously published author, whose works have been seen in the Iliad press and Poetry and satire for the avante garde. Paricher Adli has previously published essays in Psychology. 

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