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Author Interview ~ Marcia Weber Martins #booksgs

Let’s give a warm welcome to Romance author,
 Marcia Weber Martins

Love, betrayal. After a terrifying experience, Mary Walker is trying to get her life back. She has her family and her brother Mark to support her. Mary has a special bond with Mark who has a tendency to over protect her, especially after what happened to her.

Mary doesn’t believe in romance anymore and has no intention to fall in love again. Once it was enough. So she decides to concentrate on her studies and carrier.

But the handsome Dr. Dominick Cazelli, her brother’s best friend and well known as a “no-commitment man”, crossed her way.

Things got out of her control and she falls in love with him. She wants him but fear burns inside her and tells her not to stay with him.

How long would she resist the charming Dominick Cazelli?

MY: Welcome to the blog. Could you tell us a little about yourself? Perhaps something not many people know?

MWM: Hi Mary Anne,  thanks for having me. I was born in Petropolis, Brazil in 1964. I graduated in physiotherapy by    Catholic University of Petropolis. In 1983 participated in the Anthology "Our   Poets II" with the poem "If I could" and in 1986 in the anthology "Brazilian Poets" with the poem “On any given day.”In 2005 I moved to Germany and wrote my first novel, "Perfect Match".

MY: What made you want to become a writer?

MWM: I used to write poems and short stories when I was a teenager, but I never thought about being a writer until I moved to Germany, eleven years ago. I could not work as a physiotherapist so I have to reinvent myself. I started writing “Perfect Match”. It took me years to write and published it. It was a learning by doing process.

MY:  Are you working on another book?

MWM: Yes, I’m working on my second book. I hope to have it ready until the end of the year.

MY: What advice would you give to an inspiring author?

MWM: No matter how difficult it may be, never give up. Keep writing. Keep     trying. I never  thought I would  make it , but I did it.

MY: Do you need peace and quiet to write or do you always listen to music - if so what music inspires you?

MWM: I don’t need really peace and quiet to write, but I can’t concentrate with music. It has the power to irritate me.

MY: What is your latest book about?

MWM: “Perfect Match” is a romance but also is an example of family bonds. Mary Walker loves being with her friends and having her family around, specially his brother Mark.  Fall in love isn’t on her priority list, but she met the romantic and somehow mysterious Robert Mackenzie and she falls in love for him.  She learns in a hard way, that he is not the romantic and lovely men she  fell for, but a jealous and control freak boyfriend and they have a nasty break up. To make her life more difficult she was kidnapped. It is a terrifying and traumatic experience and she has a hard time to overcome it and has her life back.
She concentrates on her studies and career and as for romance, Mary doesn’t believe it anymore. For her there isn’t “happy ever after”. She promises herself never fall in love again, once was enough and she had paid dearly for this.
Things get out of her control when the handsome and irresistible Dr. Dominick Cazelli crossed her way. During a storm, forced to spend a night in a cabin up the mountains, he kisses her. She knows it is wrong to fall for him, Dominick is his brother best friend and well known as never been big on commitments. She keeps her distance from him and tries to put him out her mind, but Dominick is used to have whatever he wants, and he wants her. Would Mary resist the charming Dominick Cazelli?

MY: Authors are often portrayed as being cat owners who drinks a lot of coffee. Is this true for you??

MWM: Really, I didn’t know that. I don’t have a cat or a dog, but I drink coffee, not much.

MY: What does your ‘perfect’ day look like?

MWM: Not having to wake up with the alarm clock ringing in my ears and I can stay in bed reading and my husband brings me breakfast.

MY: If you could meet anyone from the past, who would it be and why?

MWM: I would like to meet Agatha Christie. I think I have read all her books and I love it. I would like to know where she got inspiration for her stories, her characters.

Where can I purchase this fabulous book?

About the author
Marcia Weber Martins was born in Petropolis, Brazil in 1964. She graduated in physiotherapy by the Catholic University of Petropolis. In 1983 participated in the anthology "Our Poets" with the poem "If I could" and in 1986 in the anthology "Brazilian Poets" with the poem, "On a given day". In 2005 she moved to Germany and wrote her first novel, "Perfect Match."

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