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Book review ~ Paint the Black #baseball #amreading @JDDudycha

'Some called him lazy. Others said he was misguided. Everyone agreed, Jack Lincoln Burke had a gift.'

Paint The Black
J.D. Dudycha

Every boy who picks up a glove dreams of playing in the big leagues. Only a few are actually good enough to make the grade.

With a ninety-eight mile-per-hour fastball and a devastating slider, eighteen-year-old Jack Burke was a baseball phenom. Picked in the first round, his future as a superstar seemed destined. Nothing could stop the kid—except himself. His childhood dream of a baseball life would turn into a nightmare marked by injury, immaturity, and personal tragedy. After just a couple years of minor-league ball, he found himself on the outside of the diamond. He asked the question he never imagined, “What will my life be without baseball?”

Paint the Black is about pitching—and living—on the edge where decisions have consequences. But it's never too late to start over again.

Jack couldn’t believe anyone could be so cavalier. This was a cathedral. Most guys would die to be in our place, Jack thought.


What did I think of the book?

Jack Burke has it all. A supportive family, money and a promising career in baseball. His future beckons and it is going to be perfect.

But, Jack rapidly falls in with the wrong crowd. Drink, women and drugs soon become the new norm. Add to that a string of injuries and a   devastating personal loss, Jack's future in baseball is suddenly not so certain. 

This book, above anything else, is about self-discovery and finding the courage to carry on when everything is falling apart. Jack is eighteen, and this is the first time he is living away from home. He may have the makings of the next superstar, but he is young and very impressionable.

Dudycha has crafted the character of Jack exceptionally well. He is a likeable character, who just so happened to makes some terrible choices and the consequences of these decisions are far-reaching. Dudycha tell it as it is, he does not shy away from some incredibly difficult topics, but always there is this dash of hope - if only Jack would open his eyes and see what is really in front of him, then all would be well.

I thought this book was incredible. It is not just another book about baseball - although there is a lot of baseball in this book. However, you don't have to be a fan of baseball, or to even know that much about it, to take something away from this story.

 I read this book in one sitting, and I really enjoyed it. It kept me engaged throughout, and I came to care a great deal about Jack.  It is a compelling and very honest read. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone with teenagers who are going away to college - this book may well stop them from making the wrong decisions. I know I will certainly be giving it to mine.

I Highly Recommend.

Where can I purchase this fabulous book?

About the author 
J.D. Dudycha is a former college baseball player and coach. He has over ten years of experience in baseball at the collegiate level. After the birth of his son in 2012, J.D. retired from coaching to be a stay-at-home dad. Since his retirement, he redeveloped his love for writing, an outlet he so desperately needed in the absence of baseball. Though his stories are fictional, he has drawn from his personal life as well as his expertise and knowledge of the game to craft his novel. J.D. lives with his wife and son in Denver, Colorado, where he also enjoys golf and fly fishing.
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