Saturday, 4 June 2016

Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

Books Go Social
Recommended Read of the Week!
 Murder mystery "Secret Keepers and Skinny Shadows"-REVISED EDITION-February 2016
In this murder mystery see how far will some people go to forget and protect a tragic secret, even when its only remains linger in the haunting memories of the distant past?

But when one seeker embarks on a dogged pursuit of the truth, scratching and picking at the scabs that cover those long-held secrets, the results can prove extraordinary-forcing the truth to finally emerge, and making it impossible for those memories to remain buried any longer.

After fifty years, is it possible for a murder case to receive closure, and for a killer to receive the justice he or she deserved?

Russell brings to life a relentless seeker in her novel. Lee Perkins, a 20-year veteran researcher and book editor, becomes consumed by letters he receives from an old friend. The letters, filled with sordid details of a long-forgotten murder, spark Perkins to dig in and investigate the cold case of Bert Grayson. Never one to turn down a drink or back away from a fight, he turned up dead in a dark alley with his throat slit. When the trail to his killer went cold, the police gave up and left the case unsolved.

Lillian Grace, a woman with her own secrets, had loved Bert. Lillian’s rambling letters, written after his murder, are the only link 50 years later to what really happened in that alley the night Bert was killed. Russell effortlessly weaves her readers back and forth between present day and the startling events of 1962, creating a tapestry of intrigue, suspense and thrills.

“My novel reveals the corruption that often goes unnoticed in small towns in the United States secluded from the outside world. The story is driven by the information presented in Lillian's letters” explains Russell.
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