Saturday, 18 June 2016

Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

Books Go Social
Recommended Read of the Week!
 Soon after Estelle Knight, a 15yr old TV star, finally meets and loses her virginity to her childhood celebrity crush, ultra-handsome, smooth talking Colvin Meters, she realizes that everything that glitters is only broken glass.

Colvin is one of the rare good memories from her childhood and she's desperate to hold on to him no matter what. With her estranged abusive sister still missing and no mother or father to help her navigate super stardom or the birds and the bees, her personal assistant, Gina, is the only voice of reason in her ear.

As her past and present hopes and dreams collide, she constantly turns to alcohol to numb the pain and in the midst of everything spiraling out of control, she's forced to smile for the cameras to avoid any more bad press that could completely end her budding career.

Although her industry friends, Kiko and James are there to support any way they can, ultimately Estelle must realize she has to make important decisions all by herself.
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