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#bookreview ~ Fault #YA #Horses @TudorRobins

Fault By Tudor Robins

Giving up her pony didn’t make Austen’s sister better. Sacrificing her social life hasn’t done it either. But with her sister’s life at stake, Austen’s never good at saying no. So, when their mom decides a move to the island is just what Eliot needs, Austen says good-bye to her perfect summer plans.

Rand’s not on the island by choice, either. After drinking, driving, and crashing his neighbour’s car, he’s been sent to live with his uncle until a spot opens up for him at boarding school.

If too-nice Austen, and too-much-trouble Rand are opposites maybe that’s why they’re so attracted to each other.

New characters mix with familiar faces – not to mention plenty of horses and dogs – in this fourth book of the much-loved Island Series.

What did I make of the story…
Austen knows all about sacrifice. Her sister is gravely ill, and she would do anything to see her recover, even if that means giving up her pony and her plans for this summer and spending it instead on the Isla…