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Tenets of Time


Larry Shackelford


Tenets of Time is a fast paced crime fiction novel packed with action, adventure, and romance. Kevin Johnson works as a federal correctional officer at the El Reno prison near his hometown of Yukon, Oklahoma. Kevin also lives a double life as a secret agent working for a clandestine organization known as IS International, whose mission is to assist people with unconventional problems that cannot be resolved through traditional judicial processes. Kevin plans to work at the federal prison for a few more years, retire with benefits, and disappear off grid to enjoy an affluent retirement. However, Kevin’s world changes when he reconnects with Cheri Henry, a former classmate. He falls in love with Cheri and bonds with her son, Chas. Kevin is grateful to be part of a real family again, and becomes happier than he ever imagined. Meanwhile, international intelligence operatives discover IS International and it's lucrative assets, and plot a hostile takeover. Kevin's perfect life and the people he loves will be destroyed unless he can stop the evil network.

What did I make of the book?
Mr Shakelford is my favourite crime writer, and I always look forward to reading his latest release. I am glad to say that this book did not disappoint.

Kevin Johnson seems like a regular type of guy ~ he has a regular job and regular friends. But unbeknown to anyone, Kevin leads a double life. He is a secret agent working for IS International. There are risks involved working for IS International, but the money Kevin earns more than makes up for any risks. But then the unthinkable happens, someone hacks into IS International's computers, the organization is compromised, and life as Kevin knows it will never be the same again.

Tenets of Time is a fast-paced action crime novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning those pages. It is one of those books you really need to dedicate some "me" time to read — because once you start, you are not going to want to put it down. Saying this book is an enjoyable read is an understatement. I loved it, and I know you will too!!

Shackelford's books are always very real in the telling, he is a master at writing realistic crime novels, which is why they appeal to me so much. I eagerly look forward to his next book.

If you like believable crime stories, then this is the book for you.
I Highly Recommend.
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About the author

Larry was raised in southwest Missouri where he received his college degree, but he received his education after he graduated and began working in a maximum-security federal prison. After spending two years behind bars, he continued his law enforcement career as a criminal investigator, residing and working in eight states and two foreign countries. Larry retired from law enforcement after twenty-five years of service and resides in Salt Lake City with his wife and cat.

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