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#bookreview ~ To Kill in Fire (The Stolen Years Book 6) #histfic

To Kill in Fire
(The Stolen Years Book 6) 
Ryn Shell

To Kill in Fire is an engrossing story of romance and adventure in Australia. Can the idealism of today’s multi-cultural youth, end the vengeance culture begun at the time of the British invasion of Australia? The old men, cattle king Alan Fife, Aboriginal Elder Kanga, and the criminal Ray Buckram, face each other. Have they left it too late to save the younger generation from the payback culture they began?

 What did I make of the book?

Ryn Shell brings 1945 Australia back to life in this
 beautiful and evocative tale.

Ryn Shell paints a portrait of 1945 Australia in such vivid detail that it left me feeling breathless and wanting more. The attention to detail has to be commended. I felt like I could feel the heat of the bush fire on my face, I could hear the sound of nature all around me, and the characters were so well drawn that I felt as if I had known them all my life!

The story itself is gripping and kept me turning those pages. I immersed myself in the world of Iain, Emily and Jarrah. I was pulled into their lives and experienced their hopes, dreams, sorrows and moments of triumph.

There is a touch of paranormal to this story that kept me guessing. Was Charlotte a figment of Harry's disturbed mind? Or was she a restless spirit. This drew me even deeper into the story.

Although this is book 6 (cover says 5??) in the series, it works very well as a standalone and I would not hesitate in recommending this extraordinary story.

I Highly Recommend.

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About the author

From one of Australia's finest storytellers comes historical fiction stories of crime, betrayal, mystery and love.

​With family connections to the Pallawa Aboriginal Tasmanians and Australia's first European settlers, septuagenarian Ryn writes with the cultural understanding and experience of an elder who has listened to the oral histories of people closely connected to country in Australia and the Pacific.

While Ryn writes about resilience and love, don't expect sweet romance. Her focus is on the coming-of-age adventure, and of course, history. She even challenges NASA's version of the supposedly "safe return" of Skylab.

During her career as a fine artist, Ryn spent decades researching and verifying the historical background to the books she would write. In 2010, Ryn set aside a fifty-year successful art career to write full-time. It is Ryn's family's hope that a more factual history of the land might emerge from the recorded inaccuracies concerning the colonial invasion of Australia and many Pacific Islands.

For the latter part of 2016, Ryn is taking a sabbatical from historical fiction novel writing, to assist fellow authors and bloggers with marketing, and to study and merge her existing traditional fine art skill with the latest graphic design know-how and tools. About the author

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