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(Book #3, the Fire Chronicles)


Susi Wright

'Think true, fly free and use your powers wisely.' Lord Thunis (Gaian philosophy) - much easier said than done...

Even in the idealistic realm of the Lord of Fire, growing up isn't easy; even more difficult for Essie and Ardi, who possess volatile talents no-one yet understands...

Their coming-of-age is forged by the unforgiving hand of Destiny. 
Can they play their part and survive their own magic?

Despite suffering a mysterious illness, Lord Luminor's benificence must now stretch beyond the bounds of the Known World.

Beyond the Impossible Mountains, Morvian allies suffer unspeakable atrocities at the hands of a barbarian horde. Without assistance from the Ancient Realm, it might be impossible to rescue many of their number.
Driven by destiny, courage and love, Luminor's intrepid daughter, Espira, must reconcile with her rebellious brother, Ardientor, summoning nascent powers to join the quest.

It is time for her to come of age, and regardless of her many talents, she will not escape the agony of love and loss.

There are precious lives to be saved, the Alliance to uphold, and Luminor's life-long vision, his legacy, awaits fulfillment...
The Legacy of the First Fire.

What did I think of the Book?

A wonderful coming of age story set in a fantasy world…

The Alliance ensures peace and protection. So when one of the Alliance's allies, the Morvian, are threatened by a brutal, carnivorous species, then Lord Luminor summons the army of the Known Kingdoms and sets out across the Impossible Mountains to come to their aid. The journey is fraught with danger, and Lord Luminor's powers are not as strong as they once were thanks to a mysterious illness.

Essie, daughter of Lord Luminor, has been hiding her true powers from everyone, for like her brother she is half human. An unknown. But while she embraces her powers, albeit secretly in some cases, her brother struggles with his. When he looks upon his sister, he feels resentment and jealousy.  He wants to have what she has. He wants it all. But will he be able to keep control of his anger in these desperate times of war?

Susi Wright has captured the essence of this fantasy world with her use of descriptive prose and rich dialogue. The world this book is set in comes across so vividly that it was very easy to get lost in the pages and time flew by while I was reading.

Legacy: Book #3, the Fire Chronicles is a coming of age story. Essie is an incredibly well-drawn character. She wants to do right by everyone, even her enemies. She is a genuinely lovely young lady. I also enjoyed the gently love story that accompanies this character. I think Ms. Wright has portrayed her beautifully. Well done.

The backdrop of this story is stunning, and I was happy to get lost in the world that Ms. Wright has created. I enjoyed the story, the plot, and the characterization.

If you like fantasy worlds with good vs. evil, then you are going to love Legacy: Book #3, the Fire Chronicles. This book works perfectly as a standalone, in fact, I haven't read the other two books, and by the end of Chapter 1, I knew exactly what was going on. I will certainly be looking to read the rest of the books in this series.

I Highly Recommend.

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About the author

Susi was born in London and grew up in the United Kingdom, with a passionate interest, and majoring in, literature, languages, history and art, before emigrating to New Zealand. She travelled Australasia extensively, before spending 20 years as a free-lance professional Australian wildlife and equine artist, expressing her love of nature and animals, while raising a family, on their self-sufficient farm in rural Queensland, Australia. Always an avid fan of fantasy and fiction, she now lives in Toowoomba, writing and illustrating her fantasy worlds to share with others.

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