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Scarred Beginnings
(Scarred Series Book 2)
By Jackie Williams

He had trained for it, been counselled about it, seen comrades affected by it, but even as he signed up he dismissed it. Nothing was going to happen to him or any of his friends, nothing what so ever. All his sister’s worrying was ridiculous.

Nearly ten years into his service and he’d barely grazed a knuckle. His equipment was the best, his teams had his back, there was scarcely any danger at all.

And then it happened. His whole team caught up in it. Nothing could change those nightmarish few seconds that would so completely alter the rest of their lives. That it could have been a child that did it to them was almost as shocking as the event itself. He would never forget the look on the boy’s face as long as he lived.

If he thought that surviving the incident was going to be a trial, enduring the aftermath was proving to be a different sort of challenge entirely. 

What did I think of the book?

David's life is changed forever when he is caught up in a horrific suicide attack. Not only does he have to live with the terrifying image of the young boy blowing himself up, but now he has to come to terms with his disability. The last thing he ever expects to find is love, for who would want to tie themselves to a broken man?

I am a big fan of Jackie Williams because not only is she a terrific writer, but she also does not shy away from some really tough topics. Her portray of what it is like to be disabled in Briton is not only heartbreaking but sadly spot on. When David tried to do something ordinary like go to the shops or go out for dinner, it did bring tears to my eyes because I have experienced this first hand. Kudos Ms Williams for portraying the truth.

Scarred Beginnings (Scarred Series Book 2) is a wonderful story of David's journey as he not only comes to terms with what has happened to him but also how he learns to live with it. He fears that no one would ever want him and when a woman does take interest he immediately thinks he imagines it, or she is playing with him. It takes a lot for him to trust.  The story is so compelling that the pages just flew by. I loved the characterisation of David, he is so raw and so wonderfully portrayed that I could not help but fall a little in love with him myself.

Although there is a great deal of heartache and soul searching in this book, there is also moments of beautiful humour. The romance, although not a big part of this book is so wonderfully portrayed that I could not help but hope for a happy ending. I cannot praise this book enough.  Scarred Beginnings (Scarred Series Book 2) is a sit-down and finish book and one I am sure I will be reading again.

I Highly Recommend.

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About the author

I was born in Essex England during the mid sixties but I missed all the fun. Being only young I assumed that all Beatles were six legged creatures and Flower Power was something to do with the vigorous way my mother kneaded the bread dough.

My wonderful parents brought me up with a huge love of books. We read anything and everything. Bedtime stories were a treasured time of adventure and mystery. My sister and I sat wide eyed in wonder and to this day I worry about Dinah and Dorinda being pricked with pins because they grew so fat, and I never pull faces at the a waning moon (or was it a waxing one?) just in case my chops stay that way . (The Wind On The Moon)

I began reading romance while still at school. The fuel for many a teenage fantasy leapt from between the covers of wildly romantic books and my passion still lingers now for all those dark haired heroes.

My own beautiful teenage daughter persuaded me to write my first romance. She was only fourteen at the time and between books for children and adults. She couldn’t find anything that ticked all her numerous and particular boxes and so she asked me to write a book, with all the exact ingredients just for her. Though not just a book for teens, she enjoyed the resulting tale so much that she shared it with her friends and I eventually published A Perfect Summer as an ebook on amazon.

But I have discovered that writing is not easily stopped once you start. It has turned into a grand passion that I just cannot hold back. The fingertips start tapping the keys and ideas suddenly come flooding, far too many for just one book and so I began another and then another. Nine books later I am still nowhere near done. Book ten is on its way and only just the other night I woke from a wild and wonderful dream with book eleven fully formed in my head.

Romance will always be my first love but recently I was so influenced by a tiny polished plaque on a sea wall that I gave paranormal romance a try. (Echo Beach) Mixing the two genres was a real challenge for me but I was delighted with the result. Historical romance is going to be my next genre. All those fabulously titled and passionate men are impossibly hard to resist.

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