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Under A Namibian Sky
 (A Desert Love Novel Book 1)

By Angelina Kalahari

Beautiful, vivacious, independent young Naomi grew up on the edge of the Namib Desert. After she becomes a safari guide, nothing is more exciting than showing off her desert's fierceness, its raw beauty, and its exotic wildlife to guests staying at Desert Lodge.

Luca, the heir apparent to the Armati supercar dynasty, is blessed with the beauty of an Italian god and born to a life of wealth, power, and influence. In Namibia for a short holiday, he wants to fulfil his dream of photographing and painting African elephants.

Used to the wiles of such spoiled princelings, Naomi is suspicious of his motives. Begrudgingly, she feels drawn to his kindness, charm and aura. Impossibly, it appears he is equally drawn to the girl from the African desert.

But will the pain of their past experiences prevent them from being courageous enough to admit their soul mate connection? Will their love overcome the challenges they face when Luca ends up in hospital after a dangerous anti-poacher raid, and Naomi has to confront her fears about falling in love with him?

Compulsively readable, Under A Namibian Sky is an emotionally riveting romance that will enchant, fascinate and delight.

What did I think of the book?

Love under an African sky.

Naomi Smith has no interest in finding the man of her dreams, for she fears what would happen if anyone got too close to her, she fears losing someone she loves. The exception, of course, is Auntie Elsa, who raised her when her parents died in a tragic car accident. And besides, she has everything she needs to be happy. She has a dream job as a safari guide, and what could be better than to live in the beautiful Namib Desert. What on earth does she need a man for?

If it were not for the instance of Santino (his former nanny and now secretary), Luca Armati would never have taken time out of his busy schedule to spend a week in the wilds of Africa. But at least it will give him an opportunity to photograph and paint pictures of elephants. What he did not expect to find on this impetuous trip was love, but one look into Naomi's eyes and he was smitten.

But Luca and Naomi come from very different worlds. Should they allow themselves to fall in love with each other, or would it be for the best if they stop whatever this was before it started? Time would tell.

Oh. My. Days. Under A Namibian Sky (A Desert Love Novel Book 1) by Angelina Kalahari is one of the best contemporary romance books that I have ever read. I was seduced by the opening chapter, and I was enchanted by the rest of the story.

Ms Kalahari has a gift for bringing Africa to life. I could feel the heat of the sun. I could envisage the sounds of the animals, and smell the warmth in the air. It was so beautifully portrayed that it felt like I was there. Wonderful.

The romance between Luca and Naomi was very real in the telling. It was very emotional and, more importantly, believable. There is a cast of supporting actors in this book, and it really gave the story a sense of realism. The story was so compelling that I simply could not put this book down.

This isn't the average romance. Ms Kalahari tackles some very emotive issues, but she so does with elegance and compassion. Well done.

I cannot recommend this book enough. If I could give it more stars, then I would. Under A Namibian Sky (A Desert Love Novel Book 1) is certainly in the top 5 romance books that I have read this year, actually scrap that, out of the romance books I have read and review this year, Under A Namibian Sky has the number 1 spot. I LOVED it.

I Highly Recommend!

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About the author

Angelina Kalahari entered this life among the red dunes of Namibia’s deserts. Her first sounds merged with the power of the massive yellow moon that lit up the vast African spaces. There, where the heavens presented the splendour that the Milky Way flung across its canvas, she found her voice.

A nomadic childhood enchanted her, as Africa presented the raw beauty of her many faces, while Angelina’s family traversed the desert in search of crops for their herds of karakul sheep. This fertile ambience, filled with strange legends, amazing animals, and wonderful people, afforded Angelina a unique opportunity to live in a world of wonder, and to develop a deep sense of self.

Her mother loved listening to Mario Lanza and other tenors of the day. A record player and records accompanied the family on their travels, and back to their farm. The gift of this divine music found resonance within Angelina's body and called to her soul’s desire to share her voice with the world. She left her magical universe to study with other voice and performance obsessives, which resulted in degrees in drama, singing, and opera.

Angelina continued her nomadic existence as an adult, enthralling audiences with her singing, acting, and directing. These activities allowed her to visit a world far beyond her beloved Africa. She shared her talents on such diverse platforms as opening the busking scheme on London Underground, to a recital at the Royal Opera House, and everything in between.

This led to an invitation to Buckingham Palace, no less, where Angelina met Queen Elizabeth as a reward, and in recognition of her contribution to the music, culture, and economy of the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, her fascination and obsession with the human vocal instrument grew, together with her knowledge of it. She found herself to be a teacher and sharer of the magic of the voice and performance, and she became co-founder of the North London Performance Academy.

Storytelling, which formed such a big part of her childhood, became an inherent element in her performances, and continued to live in her heart. She never stopped writing down her stories. When, due to illness, it became clear that she would no longer be able to share her voice in the way she had before, writing became the obvious and perfect outlet for her creative expression.

Although she has finished many novels, plays, children’s stories, and had several articles published, The Healing Touch is her published debut novel, the first in a series. George And The Gargoyle Who Lived In The Garden will be her first middle grade novel, again the first in a series.

Angelina has found a new colourful and vibrant universe in London. She now lives near a massive park, which satisfies another obsession, her awe and wonder of trees. The intoxicating world of London's artistic scene has introduced Angelina to many inspirational people who have become a close and integral part of her tribe.

The only magnificent creatures that share her home today, are her husband, her little fur cat daughter, a rapidly diminishing population of house spiders, and a smallish herd of dust bunnies.

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  1. Wow, thank you sooooo much for the fantastic review, Mary! I'm honoured and feeling overwhelmed by your great compliments, and of course, delighted that you enjoyed Under A Namibian Sky.

  2. My pleasure, Angelina! Under A Namibian Sky is a great book with a fantastic story!