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Forever Scarred
(Scarred Book #3)
by Jackie Williams

The long awaited sequel to Running Scarred.

Working alongside his ex-veteran friends in the isolated French chateau where he doesn’t have to explain how his face was destroyed, suits Joe perfectly. Barely able look at his own reflection let alone show himself to anyone else, the longer he can remain secluded from the outside world the better he likes it.

But Joe wants the same as any man, he same things his friends have found and when a party of salesmen descends upon the chateau for a team building course, Joe’s resolve to keep out of the spotlight is put to its hardest test yet. The chief executive’s beautiful secretary is exactly the woman he is looking for, but he knows that she is unlikely to spare him even a glance.

Her life is complicated enough and embarking on any liaison is the last thing on Lucy’s mind but something about the huge ex-soldier has kept her heart pounding and her stomach fluttering from the moment she laid eyes on him. Joe’s scarred face pales into insignificance as she finds his potent strength, his gentle sincerity and his genial mood far too beguiling.

Can Lucy escape from her blackmailing boss and take what her heart desires without leaving herself destitute? Will Joe rise above his own crushing insecurities long enough to rescue Lucy not only from her own fears but from her handsome but lecherous employer, or will his lack of self-esteem and long practiced avoidance tactics prevent him from opening his heart and him keep him Forever Scarred?

What did I think of the book?

The world sees only the scars on the man’s face, but when she looks into his eyes, she sees only her world.

Joe has finally decided that he has had enough. No more plastic surgery. No more dreaming about a wife and family. It is time to face up to the fact that no one in their right mind would fall in love with someone like him. And if by some small chance a woman did show an interest, he feared it would only be because she felt sorry for him.

Lucy's life is falling apart. Blackmailed by her boss and with crippling debts, Lucy is balancing on the edge of bankruptcy. When her boss demands that she arrived a day early to the French Chataue for a team building exercise, she expects to be met with hostility by the staff, but instead she meets Joe, and her heart is suddenly beating a little too fast. There is something about this scarred ex-soldier that draws her in. But with her life about to fall apart, she has no right to start a relationship.

I am so LOVING this series. But I I particularly LOVE Joe's story. Forever Scarred (Scarred #3) by Jackie Williams is one of those books where you really need a couple of hours, a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and absolutely no interruptions. Talk about a compelling page-turner.

I adored the characterisation of Joe. He is, on the face of it, a very confident man, but because of how he now looks he is incredibly self-conscious. The way people act when they first meet him is heartbreaking. It was no wonder he distrusts Lucy when she appears to not take any notice of his scarred face. Likewise, Lucy is very well portrayed. She is caught between a rock and a hard place, but she is determined to shoulder her troubles alone. The last thing she wants to do is drag Joe into the disaster of her life.

Forever Scarred is certainly my favourite book in the series thus far. The romance, the pain, and the evil antagonist, all made for a very enjoyable read. This book is certainly on my to read again list!

I Highly Recommend.

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About the author

I was born in Essex England during the mid sixties but I missed all the fun. Being only young I assumed that all Beatles were six legged creatures and Flower Power was something to do with the vigorous way my mother kneaded the bread dough.

My wonderful parents brought me up with a huge love of books. We read anything and everything. Bedtime stories were a treasured time of adventure and mystery. My sister and I sat wide eyed in wonder and to this day I worry about Dinah and Dorinda being pricked with pins because they grew so fat, and I never pull faces at the a waning moon (or was it a waxing one?) just in case my chops stay that way . (The Wind On The Moon)

I began reading romance while still at school. The fuel for many a teenage fantasy leapt from between the covers of wildly romantic books and my passion still lingers now for all those dark haired heroes.

My own beautiful teenage daughter persuaded me to write my first romance. She was only fourteen at the time and between books for children and adults. She couldn’t find anything that ticked all her numerous and particular boxes and so she asked me to write a book, with all the exact ingredients just for her. Though not just a book for teens, she enjoyed the resulting tale so much that she shared it with her friends and I eventually published A Perfect Summer as an ebook on amazon.

But I have discovered that writing is not easily stopped once you start. It has turned into a grand passion that I just cannot hold back. The fingertips start tapping the keys and ideas suddenly come flooding, far too many for just one book and so I began another and then another. Nine books later I am still nowhere near done. Book ten is on its way and only just the other night I woke from a wild and wonderful dream with book eleven fully formed in my head.

Romance will always be my first love but recently I was so influenced by a tiny polished plaque on a sea wall that I gave paranormal romance a try. (Echo Beach) Mixing the two genres was a real challenge for me but I was delighted with the result. Historical romance is going to be my next genre. All those fabulously titled and passionate men are impossibly hard to resist.

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