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#Bookreview ~ Black Soul (SoulEaters #1) by Odessa Gillespie Black #Paranormal #Romance @OdessaGBlack

Black Soul (SoulEaters #1)
by Odessa Gillespie Black

Half man, half angel, all soldier.

The souleaters will stop at nothing, even death, to uphold divine law. When duty brings Noah Kavanaugh into Nurse Caroline’s path, he is unprepared for the intense desire igniting between them. Rejecting the impulse to take Caroline as his mate becomes unbearable. The limits of his own self-control are tested. So is his loyalty to the law he upholds.

A forbidden human Caroline is determined to find a cure for the mysterious Noah’s illness. With her blazing attraction to him, she’d willingly sacrifice her heart, body, even her life to end his suffering. However, can she bring herself to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save them both?

The Coffee Pot Book Club Review

Noah wanted to die. He deserved to die. He had even tried to take his own life. But, when you are a souleater, death is annoyingly hard to achieve. The only way he can die is to starve himself of souls. It is a long and agonising process. Then one day, when he is at his weakest, Caroline walks into his life. The last thing he needs is a carer who will make him revaluate his choice and make him want to live again.

He can yell at her, hurl abuse at her, but the one thing he can't do is send her away. Despite Noah's less than warm welcome, Caroline cannot help but be drawn towards him. There is something about Noah that tugs her heartstrings and makes her yearn for his love.

Noah will not let the most beautiful human he has ever met get under his skin. If she ever found out about the truth, well... He would never see her again, and then he might as well be dead.

WOW! I was totally blown away by this book. Black Soul (SoulEaters #1) by Odessa Gillespie Black is one of those books that grabs you from the first page and does not let you go until the last. It is an action-packed adventure, which has a little bit of everything. I loved it.

I adored the characterisation of both Caroline and Noah. They were wonderfully portrayed and more importantly, believable.

The forbidden romance between Caroline and Noah was breathtakingly beautiful and yet terribly tragic. The story left me in tears more than once. But it also left me hopeful. I shall certainly be picking up the other books in this series.

A truly outstanding read.

I Highly Recommend.

Odessa Gillespie Black
I’m a married mother of four kids and seven pet rescues. I live in the foothills of North Carolina where if you don't like the weather, all you have to do is...wait. It's ever changing. The only thing we're known for "in these parts" is Knobby, Casar's own version of bigfoot. (Watch the youtube videos to see what we have to put up with. And yes, local stores sell t-shirts. And no, I don't have one.) 

Writing has been a love of mine since I read my first paranormal novel, Pet Semetery by Stephen King. Other authors such as Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, and V.C. Andrews have also inspired me. So, if all their novels had a baby, mine would be the byproduct! Hope you enjoy my works.

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