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BookReview ~ Operation Home by M.L. Rosado #Romance

Operation Home
 (Operation series Book #3)
By M.L.Rodado

For the Gessati brothers, there’s never a boring moment.

When Vinny Gessati, a hot restaurateur with an even hotter temper, falls in love with his brother’s soon-to-be sister-in-law, he believes he’s found the one. But Cristina just isn’t ready—not after a rough breakup with a cheating ex-boyfriend. She finds every excuse to avoid Vin’s enchanting green eyes and ripped body, but she soon realizes her heart is already lost to the Gessati family’s “little brother,” a man who’s anything but. Could love really be that simple, she wonders, or are the two of them a recipe for disaster?

Both Cristina and Vinny soon must put their feelings aside as the entire Gessati family is rocked by a threatening note sent by a psychotic stalker from the past. With the entire family on alert, Cristina thinks she’ll never find the right moment to make Vinny her own. And her hot Italian lover must fight his own demons to feel worthy of the woman that he craves.

Their family will be threatened more than ever and the only way to survive is to fight together. In this last book in the Operation Series, Tati and Donato, Cristina and Vinny, and Luisa and Gio all come together to head out on the most exciting adventure yet. Home, Gessati family will discover, is the best destination, and the best reason for living.

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It takes a lot to get over a breakup. Especially when you walk in on your boyfriend making love to another woman.  Christina fears she may never trust another man again. It was just a shame that her sister was marrying into the Gessati family, because the way Donato’s youngest brother looks at her makes her rethink that maybe she should not give up on the whole love thing, just yet.

Vinny fell in love with Christina the moment he cast his eyes upon her. It is just a shame that the timing is wrong. How long does it take for someone to get over a broken heart, anyway?

I so love this series, and book #3 did not disappoint. Operation Home by M.L.Rodado
picks up where the story left off in book #2. I was really excited to dive between the covers of Operation Home and I could not wait to read about the budding romance between Vinny and Christina, which had been alluded to in the last book. As I have come to expect from M.L.Rodado, Vinny and Christina’s relationship was beautifully portrayed, and the characters were authentic in the telling.

What makes this series different from many romance series is that the story continues for all the characters. You are really getting three romances in one, with a fabulous story that involves them all. The Italian Mafia plays a part in this series, and there is one detestable character in particular that threatens to destroy the Gessati family. This helped to drive the story forward.

I grew to love all the characters, and I find myself in this usual situation where I can’t decide which book I enjoyed the most. I think it is fair to say that I enjoyed them all.

I will certainly be looking out for more books by M.L.Rodado.

I Highly Recommend.

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ML Rosado
ML Rosado is a romance author originally from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, living in Miami, Florida. She is a mother of two wonderful boys and is devoted to her husband of twenty years. She loves books, food, chocolate, raspberries and wine. 

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