Tuesday, 3 July 2018

#BookReview ~ Arya by M.L. Rosado and A. Cely #Romance

By M.L Rosado and A. Cely

As hot as Miami's dating scene can be, Arya finds herself out of luck when it comes to men. She is an accomplished therapist, has amazing friends, and a positive outlook on life. After the wedding of her dreams, she thought she had it all, but destiny had its own plan. It all started with her ex-husband. He abandoned her after only being married for a short period of time. Arya gave him the most precious thing she had other than her heart: her virginity. Now dealing with divorce and all the sadness and struggles that came with it, she finds herself living alone for the first time in her life. She is ready to conquer as many men as she can in the endless quest to find the right guy. Arya's life has gone from sweet and innocent to reckless and naughty.

Eric is a struggling single father working two jobs to make ends meet. Max, his son, is the greatest thing in his life. Eric has been alone for a few years and is realizing that his tiny family of two is lacking something.

Eric’s hot Australian body, accent, and tattoos catch Arya's attention as soon as she lays eyes on him. The two unexpectedly find each other, causing them to become inseparable despite the many things that want to tear them apart. Will they be able to make their relationship work? Can love be enough to overcome all odds?

Arya had it all, at least she thought she did. She had the perfect husband, the perfect house and the perfect wedding. But after the wedding her perfect world crumbled. And now she finds herself alone and on the rebound. But no matter how many men, no matter how many lovers, something is missing. She wants someone who loves her and isn’t going to leave. And then she meets, Eric. But this man… He is too good to be true. Dare she risk her heart again and take a gamble on Eric and his adorable 5-year-old son?

Having fallen in love with the world author, M.L Rosado, had created in her fabulous Operation Series, I was excited to see there was a spin-off which involved one of the supporting characters. I have come to expect great things from M.L. Rodaso, and once again she did not disappoint. I was immediately drawn into Arya’s world.

Arya was a character that I really felt for. The one man who was supposed to love her forever hurt her terribly and now, trust does not come easily. But Eric is different and she finds herself daring to believe again.

As a protagonist, Eric really captured my heart. He is a real family man, and he loves his child so much. His story, like Arya’s, is a tragic one, and when the different threads of this story began to weave together, I really felt for him and his child. If anyone deserved a happy ever after, it was him.

Arya is one of those books where you can completely lose yourself for a couple of hours. A real gem!

ML Rosado
ML Rosado is a romance author originally from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, living in Miami, Florida. She is a mother of two wonderful boys and is devoted to her husband of twenty years. She loves books, food, chocolate, raspberries and wine. 

Visit her blog: www.sexybooksblog.net

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