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#BookReview ~ Finding The Fountain of Youth (Shattering the Effects of Time Book 1) by C.A. King


Finding The Fountain of Youth

(Shattering the Effects of Time Book 1)

By C.A. King

The Shinning boys have always followed the straight and narrow path through life - never deviating from the course for the greater good, but never fully applying their abilities to fight for it either. That all changed the day their younger sister became the victim. 

The problem: the villain they have to face to save her is time itself.

The only possible solution: a handful of myths about artifacts believed to have the ability to reverse the grip of time.

Their one lead sets them on a quest to find an ancient civilization of Mermaids to unlock the secrets of the Fountain of Youth. What they discover along the way is more than they could have ever anticipated. The three boys will come face-to-face with their own demons as they are forced to make a choice. What price are they willing to pay to save their sister?


Jessie and his brothers would do anything to save their sister’s life. Anything. There is a whispered rumour about a Fountain of Youth. They must find it, if their sister is to survive.

Nadine’s grandmother was legendary. Unfortunately, there was no chance of Nadine following in her grandmother’s footsteps. She is clumsy, awkward, and does make friends easily. So when she meets Jessie, whose smile makes her heart flutter, she doesn’t quite know what to make of him.

Jessie and his companions have an ancient box, and that box is filled with maps and coded writing. They cannot decipher it. They need Nadine’s help. This is her chance to live up to her grandmother’s legacy. To finally be someone.

I am a huge fan of author, C.A King and I simply adored The Portal Prophecies series, so when I found out that C.A King had written a spin-off series, I could not wait to get my hands on book  1.  Finding The Fountain of Youth (Shattering the Effects of Time Book 1) was everything I expected and then some. The story has the same intensity as The Portal Prophecies series. It is a real page-turner. I became so engrossed in the story that I lost all track of time.

It was great to be back with some of the characters from The Portal Prophecies series, and it was also wonderful to meet some new ones. I thought Nadine was portrayed very well. She came across as very real in the telling. Her story was intriguing and above all interesting. Likewise, Jessie was a well-rounded character, whom I cared for very much.

I cannot wait to get my hands on book 2!

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C.A. King

The 2017 Platinum – 1st Place winner for the Best Local Author category in The Hamilton Spectator Readers' Choice Awards.

The recipient of the 2017 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Winner in the Fiction - Short Story/Novella genre.

Who am I?…Who am I?
Silence…chews pencil…
Who am I?…Who am I?
I am…
a daydreamer…a hopeless romantic…an optimistic pessimist…a psychic…a childish adult…an animal lover…an over-emotional wreck…an adventurer…an artistic fool…
I am…A Fiction Writer!
Nice to meet you!"

About the author!

I was diagnosed with clinical depression after the loss of my mother, father and husband within three years of each other - to cancer. The years of 24/7 in-home care, coupled with the loss I felt, left its mark on my psyche.

Depression takes up a lot of my life. Reading and writing are the only things I have found that help (in connection with regular medication), even if only for a short time. To escape to a different world can make a big difference in my mood in real life.

To put things in perspective, when I was at my lowest point, I couldn't open mail, talk on the phone, or even drive to the store. Walls of sadness surrounded me. As they closed in, tears would fall, There didn't need to be a reason or trigger.

People ask me why I started writing. My answer is simple: I wanted to create a world other people could escape to. I wanted to share the place that had helped me for many years.

I read books as well as write them. I have visited the worlds many different authors have created. Those worlds make me feel better and give me strength to face real life again. I want to thank everyone who writes - I want them to know they are making a difference.

I always said that as long as one person finds a little bit of happiness out of my books, I am, in my opinion, an accomplished author. The same is true for every writer out there. Please don't ever let anyone tell you different.

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