Friday, 6 July 2018

#BookReview ~ Not Quite Eden by Dominique Kyle

Not Quite Eden

By Dominique Kyle

Eve isn't one to take things lying down (males please note!). But she never expected to have to step in to save the life of that annoying idiot next door, Adam Quinn. And she only did it because she's reserving the right to kill him herself! 

Adam Quinn and Eve McGinty have been bitter rivals for as long as they can remember. When they both apply for the same job as a trainee car mechanic only one of them can get it, and Eve is finding it hard to convince the misogynistic men who work there of her suitability for the role. Then Eve's younger brother, Jamie, is invited to join the rock band that the irrepressibly flamboyant Quinn and his friends have formed. But unfortunately the members of the band have made some dubious decisions in their eagerness to get a recording deal. When things turn nasty with the local psychopathic night club bouncers and drug dealers, Eve feels she has no option but to step in to prevent her brother being dragged down with the rest of the boys. As the consequences spiral out of control, Eve is forced to spend a lot more time with Quinn than she ever really wanted to

Eve hated Adam Quinn. She had hated him since that terrible day he had decided it would be funny to cut off her plait. So what if that was a long time ago, she still remembered. And she still wanted revenge. But now her little brother has gone and formed a band with the detestable Adam. What had he been thinking?

Adam knew that Eve hated him, at one point he had hated her too. But it was different now, the feelings he had for her no longer felt like hate. They felt a lot like…

OH, MY DAYS! Not Quite Eden by Dominique Kyle is one of those books that you say you are going to read one more page and then end up reading another two chapters. Talk about not being able to put a book down!

Not Quite Eden deals with a lot of things that young adults can accidentally find themselves involved in and Eve and Adam certainly know how to mess things up for themselves and their friends. They seem to fall from one disaster to the next. This book deals with many issues, underage sex, drugs, knife crime, the law, I could go on, but I have to commend  Ms Kyle for her honest portrayal of what life is like for some of our young adults. It is a complicated world that they are growing up in.

I thought that Eve and Adam were very well drawn characters. They came across as very real in the telling. I must admit, sometimes I found myself shouting, “What are you doing?” at my kindle at some of the things they did. But then that is teenagers’ for you. I think this book is a marvellous addition to any young adults library.

I Highly Recommend.

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