Thursday, 5 July 2018

#BookReview ~ Soul Tracing: Taboo by Ifraah Samatar and Irsha Akbar

Soul Tracing: Taboo
By Ifraah Samatar and Irsha Akbar

Yasmin Khan is everything an imam's daughter should be: faithful, respectful, and veiled. Behind the cloth lies nothing but darkness and loneliness. She longs for the freedom to speak her own mind and escape her mundane life, but above anything else, she wants to be just like her friend, Noor. Dean Thynne-Edwards Walker is battling his own demons from the past. Abandoned on the doorstep of a Catholic orphanage at birth, he endured years of unspeakable abuse and cruelty. He now blames God for the nightmares of his stolen childhood and will stop at nothing to seek his revenge against religion. He doesn't see her face on that fateful day, but he does see her beautiful eyes. An instant desire sparks within him, a desire to corrupt this woman and sever her ties with God. Can he do it? Can he seduce a devout Muslim and add her to his list? As for Yasmin, could this silver-eyed, beautiful stranger be her salvation? Might he be a savior that will release her from the shackles of her cultural obligations? Or will he be the cause of her damnation?

Dean sees women as conquests. The chase is his thing. Once they surrender, he leaves them and goes onto the next. Now he has his eyes set on the timid and veiled, Yasmin Khan. He is determined to corrupt her and spit in God’s face as he does so.

There are some books that really grab you from the opening page and do not let you go until the end. Soul Tracing: Taboo by Ifraah Samatar and Irsha Akbar is one of those books and then some. I was utterly drawn into the word that these very talented authors have created. I found myself really rooting for these two fabulous protagonists. Yasmin has such a gentle soul that I could not help but adore her. And as for Dean… Dean seems like this arrogant rich kid, who has everything he ever wanted, but that is just a façade. His harrowing childhood torments him. This story is as much about his recovery as it is about Yasmin’s yearning for freedom.

The story itself was heartbreakingly beautiful. This forbidden romance was wonderful in the telling.  This is a book that captured my heart and many times I found myself reaching for the tissues. I have to admit I did fear how this story would end. I am not going to give away any spoilers, but boy did the authors throw in a massive curveball that I did not see coming.

If you are looking for an emotionally gripping read that will have you holding your breath, then this is the story for you.

Fabulous storytelling. A truly wonderful book.

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