Friday, 3 August 2018

#BookReivew ~ The Key to the Demon's Gate (The Cross-Road Travelers #1) By Daniel M. Quilter #YA #Fantasy

The Key to the Demon's Gate
 (The Cross-Road Travelers #1)
 By Daniel M. Quilter

The great demon Eshteroth plagued the land of Artenia for hundreds of years until a group of powerful wizards banded together, combining their magic to banish the demon to another world: Earth. Henry Rockwell, his friend Karl and his secret crush Alana, who happens to be Karl's girlfriend, are a normal group of Seattle teens, until a simple trip to the movies to celebrate Henry's birthday ends in the arrival of an otherworldly demon. To complicate things further, Henry and his friends don't just witness the arrival of the demon, they switch places with him.

Thrown into a brand new world of magic they quickly learn that they have inherited a portion of the demon's magic power, but the demon will be returning in one year's time. And the three of them are expected to fight him. In order to prepare for the upcoming battle and save the world, the three friends must learn about their new world and master their magic powers before the demon returns. 

All Henry wanted to do was go to the cinema with his two best friends and celebrate his 17th birthday! But then this demon showed up and suddenly they find themselves in the middle of a sea, in a strange world, with pirates, slave dealers and other strange oddities. This was a birthday Henry was certainly not going to forget.

The Key to the Demon's Gate (The Cross-Road Travelers #1) by Daniel M. Quilter is one of those books where you are immediately drawn into the action. What starts as a normal day in Settle quick turns into an adventure of a lifetime.

The narrative is clear and concise. It is particularly suited to the younger audience. The descriptions are just enough to keep the young readers interest without going in to much detail. The story has a nice pace to it, which made it almost effortless to read. Something exciting happens in every chapter to keep the reader engaged.

I thought the three protagonists of this story were very well drawn, although I have to admit, Henry stood out from the crowd as one of those unforgettable characters. His transformation from a kind of goofy kid to someone with magic was an interesting tale on its own, but along side Karl and Alana, this tale is something very special.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Daniel M. Quilter
Daniel M Quilter grew up in Orem, Utah right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. He spent his time hiking, camping, rock climbing, and anything else outdoors. He currently lives in Utah with his wife and daughter. 

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