Wednesday, 8 August 2018

#BookReview ~ The Carver by M.L Rosado and A. Cely #Romance #Thriller

The Carver
By M.L Rosado and A. Cely

The mysterious man in the elevator intrigues Vanessa Clark. His hot body, tanned skin, and tailored suit has her hormones raging. Vanessa, a thriving entrepreneur, owns a car wash full of eye candy employees with her childhood best friend, Ricky. Ricky and Vanessa grew up in a foster home together, making them family. Rick’s master plan to lure Mr. Elevator is the extra push Vanessa needs to finally meet him. It is not until she has an unexpected life-threatening encounter with the Carver that her mystery man’s true feelings are revealed. Now she needs to work with the FBI to give information and find this serial killer before he eliminates his next victim.

Fernando Escudero, the mysterious man on the elevator, comes from a big, loud, and proud Cuban family. A family that is in everyone’s business, but from them, he learns to be loving and caring. After Vanessa becomes a victim of the Carver, they come together and begin a steamy romance. Vanessa quickly falls in love with him and his family. After being raised in foster homes all her life, she finally finds a family to call her own.

The Carver changes her life forever, and now Vanessa finds herself involved in a web of mystery and fear. Will she be his victim again? Will the people around her suffer the same fate as the other victims?

Brad, that was what Vanessa Clark called the mysterious man on the elevator. The name didn’t really suite him, but as he refused to talk to her, she had to call him something. She tried her very best to not fantasy about him, but he kept creeping into her dreams.

Then out of the blue, “Brad” spoke to her. Progress! Vanessa thinks this could be a start of a beautiful relationship, but then a person from the past comes back to haunt her reality in a way she could never imagine.

Oh. My. Days. The Carver by M.L Rosado and A. Cely completely blew me away. I could not drag myself away from this book. It was so riveting. I found myself completely enthralled with the story and the characters. There is a lot of story in this book. It is not only a beautiful romance, but it is a superb crime thriller, with a plot twist that I did not see coming. I am not going to give away any spoilers, but when you find out who the Carver is, you will be surprised! I know I was.

I adored the characterisation of Vanessa. She is a warm-hearted and very witty woman who I was immediately drawn to. She made me laugh on many occasions. Her relationship with Ricky, her unofficial brother, is fabulous. Likewise, Fernando was everything a hero should be. Handsome. A little bit of mystery to him. And above everything else, his deep love for Vanessa left me with a warm fuzzy feeling!!

I am a big fan of M.L Rosado’s books, but I think The Carver may just be my favourite.

Simply Brilliant!

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