Monday, 6 August 2018

#BookReview ~ Paradise Postponed (Not Quite Eden #2) By Dominique Kyle

Paradise Postponed
 (Not Quite Eden #2)
 By Dominique Kyle

Nasim's Muslim parents have found out about her Hindu boyfriend Rajesh, and Nasim has run away to Eve in the touching belief that Eve can sort it out. Eve isn't so sure about that but does her best to protect Nasim from the increasingly violent threats being issued by her menfolk. Meanwhile, Eve's relationship with Quinn isn't going as well as she hoped and she finds out that he is keeping secrets from her. When she discovers that he has been working as mechanical support to a Formula One Stock Car driver and deliberately leaving her out of the fun, she is determined to muscle in on the action. Angered by Quinn's attitude and utterly seduced by the exciting sport of Oval Stock Car racing she rashly boasts to Quinn that she is about to become a Formula Two Stock Car driver. Unfortunately this is a complete lie and now she has to set about making this a reality or risk losing face in front of Quinn. To add to the stresses, there's a new guy at work who is hitting on Eve big time, Quinn's mother is behaving like a right hormonal cow, Eve's Dad never seems to be home anymore and is avoiding explaining why, Eve's little brother Jamie is turning into stroppy little git, and Rajesh thinks that Jamie and Nasim's little brother Sahmir are dealing drugs at the school gates. How is Eve going to sort out the mess this time?

When things finally look like they might be going right for Eve, one of her friends turns up at her door and announces that she has run away from home. Like any good friend, Eve allows her friend to stay, and because of this, things are about to get rather nasty.

Having read Not Quite Eden and thoroughly enjoyed it, I was looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Paradise Postponed, (Not Quote Eden #2) by Dominique Kyle did not disappoint. The reader is thrown right back into the story from chapter 1. It was great to be back with Eve and, of course, Adam. Although I became less of a fan of Adam as the story progressed — Did he really just do that?

Paradise Postponed, is aptly named, there are several scenes that were terribly upsetting, but they also showed how, as a young woman, you should not trust someone you don’t really know and if you think something is wrong, then listen to your gut instincts and go with that, rather than worrying about upsetting your date. I would like to applaud Dominique Kyle in the delicate handling of this emotional and terrible ordeal. I hope that a young woman out there, who might one day read this book will learn a valuable lesson which might just save her from a truly horrible experience.

As with the first book, there is a whole host of interesting characters — the new love interest in Eve’s Dad’s life certainly brought something to the story! There is also a new obsession — Stock Car Racing. I know nothing about Stock Car Racing, but this story certainly piqued my interest.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I cannot wait to get my hands on Book 3. A great read!

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