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#BookReview — An Officer’s Vow (Gentlemen Book 2) by Penny Hampson #RegencyRomance

An Officer’s Vow (Gentlemen Book 2) By Penny Hampson

The future looks bleak to Major Nate Crawford. Depressed after being sent home from the Peninsular Campaign as unfit for service, he contemplates ending it all. Then an unexpected opportunity for adventure beckons in the shape of a delightfully intriguing runaway heiress. He will prove his worth as an officer and a gentleman by offering his help. He has a plan…Lottie Benham is desperate. Her life is in danger and she needs a place of safety until her next birthday. The unexpected proposal from this attractive, but intimidating officer could be the answer to her prayers. Not normally a risk-taker, she decides to gamble all by placing her trust in this charismatic gentleman, who she suspects might be more in need of help than she.But the best laid plans… Caught up in conflict, danger, and deception, will Lottie and Nate survive to find the perfect solution to their problems? An Officer’s Vow is the second in Penny Hampson’s Regency-set G…

#BookReview — No Woman's Land: A Holocaust Novel By Ellie Midwood #HistoricalFiction #WW2

No Woman's Land A Holocaust Novel By Ellie Midwood

This novel is based on the inspiring and moving love story of Ilse Stein, a German Jew, and Willy Schultz, a Luftwaffe Captain in the Minsk ghetto, who risked his life to save the one he loved the most.

When the last of the Jews’ rights are stripped in 1941, Ilse’s family is deported to a Minsk ghetto. Confined to a Sonderghetto and unable to speak the locals’ language, Ilse struggles to support the surviving members of her family. Befriended by a local underground member Rivka, Ilse partakes in small acts of resistance and sabotage to help her fellow Jews escape to the partisans.
A few months later, after losing almost his entire brigade of workers to one of the bloodiest massacres conducted by the SS, a local administrative officer Willy Schultz summons the survivors to form a new brigade. Ilse’s good looks immediately catch his eye, and he makes her a leader of the new unit and later, an office worker. Soon, an unlikely romance blos…

#BookReview — CAY - Rosevetha’s Curse:The Civilis Saga Part #3 by Peter Baggott #HistoricalFiction #AncientRome

CAY - Rosevetha’s Curse:
The Civilis Saga Part #3
By Peter Baggott

Champion of Teutoburger Wald he craves a son in a barren marriage and seeking a resolution he approaches Witold. She guarantees him a son. But after the death of his wife, he seeks retribution against Roman sympathizers. Witold warns him against harming a fellow seer or he will face dire consequences. Twice he will escape the same Roman, but on the third occasion, there will only be one winner.

“Twice you will meet the same Roman, and he will escape, but when he comes looking for the final Eagle, my Eagle, you and your son will help defend it.”

To lose an Eagle is shameful. But, to lose three Eagles is nothing short of a disgrace.

It was only a matter of time before the Romans returned to this land and sought retribution for those who had been slaughtered and to reclaim the Eagles that had been taken.

Agi of the Chauci had fought alongside Arminius and had witnessed the taking of the Eagles from the hands of the hated Romans,…

Book Review — Wyvern of Wessex (Sons of Kings #3) by Millie Thom #HistoricalFiction #Vikings #AngloSaxon

Wyvern of Wessex (Sons of Kings #3) By Millie Thom

Eadwulf is back in the Sea Eagle with Bjorn and his crew in a quest to discover if Eadwulf’s father, King Beorhtwulf of Mercia, is still alive after twenty years as a slave. Bjorn’s great dragonship carries them down to the searing June temperatures and strict laws in the Moorish lands of al-Andalus. But searching for Beorhtwulf proves more difficult than they’d expected, causing them more trouble than they bargained for… 

In Wessex, King Aethelred is now dead, leaving his twenty-one-year-old-brother, Alfred, to succeed to the throne. Though his succession was agreed by the witan, Alfred must now prove himself worthy of the kingship, or lose it. But Wessex is in turmoil, besieged by Viking Danes intent on subjugating the kingdom – and knowing that the new king is young and inexperienced. Alfred must use all his wiles if he is to outthink and outmanoeuvre Guthrum, the Dane who nearly becomes his nemesis. 

Alfred’s victories and defeats take…