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#bookreview ~ Holding #readholding #Ireland @Grahnort

Holding By Graham Norton

A secret's been unearthed in the small Irish town of Duneen and with it a discovery made that illuminates stories from the town's dark past and that has implications for the cast of brilliantly, beautifully drawn characters. 
The castdown policeman who lives a uneventful, lonely life punctuated only by the next meal - until now; a mysterious family of three beautiful spinster sisters each with their secrets and sorrows; the town's gossip who thinks she knows the answers.. And when a discovery is made on the building site of a new development up behind the old school, this once innocent, slow-seeming town is revealed to have a much darker undertow.
What did I think of the book?

Duneen is a small, inconsequential village in Ireland, where nothing of any interest ever happens, and everybody knows everybody else's business. There are no secrets.

But then one day a human skeleton is uncovered on a new housing development site. Now tongues are wagging …

Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

Books Go Social Recommended Read of the Week! Tibet in the 13th century. The so-called “Land of Snow,” beacon of eastern Buddhism, is under the authority of the Mongol Empire, whose domains extend throughout most of the known world.

In this context, the death of the leader of the main Buddhist school urges his followers to begin the search for his reincarnation: a boy who as yet knows nothing of the wisdom within him and the role destiny has in store for his people’s future.

Meanwhile, a humble peasant family, threatened by the assault of the Mongol army, is forced to leave their home village and set out on a journey with consequences none of them can foresee.

A vibrant and moving novel which takes the reader into an environment of legend where the faith of the people and the bleakness of the landscape blend to form a living unity.

Start your spiritual journey today!Where can I purchase this book? Amazon

Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

Books Go Social Recommended Read of the Week!
Son of Man is an honest-to-Bible account of Jesus and the world he lived in. Two things make this biography unique:
First, it arranges the Gospels chronologically to help the reader see how, and maybe more importantly, why things unfolded as they did.
Second, it tells Jesus's story in the context of his culture. The geography, climate, politics, racism, social norms, religion, traditions, economics, morality, language, and customs of the second temple era play key roles in this narrative. What emerges is a holistic, historically accurate dramatization that provides a 360-degree view of Jesus and his world.
No fictionalized elements or dialog have been added. All events and quotations are taken from the texts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts. All of Jesus's recorded words and actions are included, and duplicate accounts have been harmonized.

Recent books about the life of Christ have been skeptical of the Bible and have…

Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

Books Go Social Recommended Read of the Week! Small towns keep their secrets well, and snowy, isolated Haz Gate is no exception. But when a wealthy stranger from the capital is murdered in the night and one of her students stands accused, schoolteacher Linna Nyx has to dig through deceptions thicker than the snow in midwinter to piece together the truth, and comes face to face with a killer who would destroy not only Linna’s peaceful existence, but the very order of the Empire itself. Purchase Links  Amazon

#BookReview Book One Of The Hurst Chronicles @HurstChronicles

✮ Book One Of The Hurst Chronicles ✮ by Robin Crumby Hurst Castle is the setting for a recently released dystopian thriller written by local author Robin Crumby.
The story focuses on a group of survivors living at Hurst, on the South Coast of England, following the outbreak of a pandemic virus.
In an all-too realistic vision of the near future, law and order on the mainland has collapsed. Those that survive scrape a living in remote outposts. Hiding behind high walls, far away from the smoking ruins of the cities, waiting and hoping. When the arrival of outsiders threatens to tip the balance of power, Hurst is faced with a desperate choice: set aside their differences and join an alliance that promises new hope or unite against the newcomers and their plans for reconstruction. Who can be trusted? Only time will tell. The battle for Hurst has begun.
Author Robin Crumby hopes that the book will generate "international interest in Hurst Castle and provide an additional boost for visitor…

The Cherubim Rosewood ~ Larry Shackledford #BookReview #amreading @larrydshack

The Cherubim Rosewood by  Larry Shackledford

In 1982, a gifted St. Louis college student traveled to Northwestern Brazil to visit his Lutheran missionary parents. Born and raised in Africa, the epic journey reduced the young man to the most primitive and instinctive forms of survival; but also to the nascent essence of life and death, and the ultimate archetype: the evil nature of man. An incredible story that will challenge the reader to reconsider choices they have made in their own journey through life. An incredible journey of survival, hope and healing.

What did I think of the book? 
Oh my! Shackelford certainly knows how to weave a rich tale. The amount of research that must have gone into this book is staggering, and it reads so authentically that it felt like I was there seeing everything through Edward Hamilton's eyes.

Edward is a well developed, and a likeable, fascinating, character that I took to straight away, and I am sure you will as well. I thoroughly enjoyed hi…

Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

Books Go Social Recommended Read of the Week! To Louisa, the idea of hope is just that. An idea.

After a chance encounter Louisa’s Cinderella story begins, and no fairytale is complete without a Prince Charming – enter handsome, charismatic gentleman, Damien.

As he falls to her feet, Louisa prepares herself to ride off into the sunset.
Before Louisa can say ‘happily ever after’ the dream she never asked for, disintegrates into a nightmare.

The girl, who once upon a time, couldn’t even conceive the notion of hope, has to find some for herself.

Cinderella has to slay her own demons from now on, starting with Damien ….  Where can I purchase this book?  Amazon

Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

Books Go Social Recommended Read of the Week! Have you ever received shocking news that turned your life upside down? Would you love to have magical powers based upon the color of your eyes?

Imagine the shock of being eighteen year old Remy Verbetta and finding out that you are not 'human' and also are not from this 'world'.

Remy’s life is turned upside down when she suddenly finds out her entire life has been a lie. Another 'world' is living and breathing along side our own, a kind of alternate dimension.

On her eighteenth birthday, Remy finds out that she is not 'human', but is actually a member of an ancient and almost extinct race called the Occuli. Each Occuli has different magical powers based solely on their eye color.

This fictional, fantasy novel, follows Remy on a journey of self discovery, magic, mystery, romance and betrayal, as she tries to figure out a way not only to survive, but also find a way back to her true home an…

New Release - Jamie's Children @susanmoorejorda

Jamie’s Children By Susan Moore Jordan
“It’s more than music: it’s light. It’s love. It’s life.”
Laura and Niall Logan, children of a brilliant musician, have gifts of their own. Laura, first-born, child prodigy violinist suffers from emotional problems that haunt her well into adulthood. Niall, talented singer-song writer, is demonized by bouts of bipolar disorder. Supported by the people they love and the power of music, they seek to overcome these daunting challenges as they strive to claim their own place in the spotlight.

Book Extract  Deep into practicing the Brahms concerto, feeling herself one with the music, Laura was annoyed when the buzzer in her apartment sounded and she almost ignored it. Her concentration broken, she went to the intercom and asked rather crisply: “Who is it?”
“It’s Niall.”

New Release ~ George And The Gargoyle Who Lived In The Garden @angelinakalhari

George And The Gargoyle Who Lived In The GardenbyA. Kalahari  Recurring nightmares, a strained relationship with his father, and threatening behaviour from the Fearsome Foursome at school would be challenging for most boys his age. But as an only child with a sensitive, artistic soul, George feels especially alone and ordinary.

When he spends an awesome holiday with his zany Aunt Di, a painter, he stumbles across several exciting secrets. Aunt Di’s London garden contains statues of a Gargoyle, a Griffin, a Unicorn and a Dragon. At first, George thinks of these as just ordinary statues of mythical creatures. But what if they are not? And what about Roy, the robin? Will George survive the adventure when the Witch turns out to be real? Will his life ever be the same again after his magical experiences?***
What did I think of the book?

It was the same dream, every single night…
First there was this horrid, ear-splitting, squawking sound. And then a dreadful sense of fear, followed by…

Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

Books Go Social Recommended Read of the Week! The existence of God is considered by many to be a fiction with little basis in truth. This book explores the idea of God's existence, and whether to hold such a belief is reasonable. Atheism, rather than rejecting the essence of what the word 'God' points to, discredits certain images or paradigms of God, which no longer hold meaning. God is the "Real" at the heart of all experience and this can be demonstrated empirically, to a degree. Where can I purchase this book?  Amazon

Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

Books Go Social Recommended Read of the Week! Caught between the forces that be, It's no place for a human...

B'Lana Paris had only a few simple aspirations. A job, a house... a life. It can't get any more normal than that. But when a relaxing night at the movies turns deadly, leaving her with a sustained injury, B'Lana learns that her position is much more serious. It might just seal her fate.

Caught in the clash between two aggressive dominions of ancient origin, B'Lana will be forced to decide between death and a slim chance at survival. With the unnatural curse consuming her life force her only chance to survive rests firmly in the hands of the one person she is the most unsure she can trust.

Will B'Lana be able to survive the fatal infection coursing through her blood? Or will a worse fate wait for her behind the veil of offered salvation?

Eclipse of the Warrior, the first of the Interdimensional Saga by J.L Hendricks, is a YA…

New Release ~Hampstead Fever @DrCarolCooper

Hampstead Fever By Carol Cooper

It is high summer in London and trouble is brewing.
Chef Dan should be blissfully happy. He has the woman of his dreams and a job in a trendy Hampstead bistro. But his over-anxious partner, engrossed in their baby, has no time for him.
Stressed doctor Geoff finds solace in the arms of a mercurial actress. Journalist Harriet’s long-term relationship with Sanjay hits the buffers, leaving each of them with serious questions to answer. Meanwhile single mother of four Karen lacks the appetite for a suitable relationship.
Passion and panic rise in the heatwave, but who will spot the danger signs?

"Likely to be late, is he?" asked Dan as he shuffled dishes in front of the oven. “I doubt it,” said Laure. The dinner party was all Dan’s fault. "You know what your trouble is?" he'd told Laure one morning when she was feeding Jack. "You don't see enough people." "I see lots of people." That was …