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FREE on Kindle - Unknown - Author Interview @PhilPrice19

Let's give a warm welcome to Amazon Bestseller, Dystopian / Sci-Fi, author

Phil Price
Today's interview is taking place in a little country pub I discovered the other day. There is a merry fire burning in the hearth, where a rather large dog is sprawled out in front of. While we step over the dog and head to the bar, why don't you take a quick look at Phil's book

Every year across the world thousands of people disappear.
Many return home safe and well. Some are never found.
A select few end up far from home, harvested by two feuding brothers who need their blood.

How on Earth can this happen?

It doesn't happen on Earth.

      MY: Hi Phil, it is a pleasure to meet you. Could you tell us a little bit about your journey to becoming a published author?

PP: It wasn’t an overnight thing. I’d had an idea about six years ago for a story. It involved abductions, with a dark supernatural twist. The book gained momentum in my head, just as I was getting married. I took my characters with me and started to mould them into my story as I lay by the pool. I carried on writing the book over the next few years, as children and life came along, often putting the story on ice for periods of time. Once I’d finished Unknown, it was forgotten about until a twist of fate made me decide to publish it. A friend and neighbour heard about my book, pointing me in the direction of someone who would give me their honest opinion. That person (Klaus) loved my story and urged me not to leave it forever unknown. The rest is history.

      MY: Friends are great at giving you a push.  What does your average ‘writing day’ look like?

PP: I’m not a full time writer. I have a day job and a family. This makes my writing day sporadic at best. I can go through periods when I’m writing a lot, then times when I never get the time. When I can’t find the time, my mind is still writing and creating. I can be a bit of a daydreamer.

      MY: I have yet to meet an author who isn't a daydreamer! Talking of authors, are there any that you particularly admire? And if so, why?

PP: Tough question. I’m not sure if I’ve ever thought of it that way. I’ve never read a Harry Potter book, but I admire the tenacity of the author. She overcame adversity to become very successful, bringing joy to millions of fans. There are also lots of indie authors out there that I admire. Probably too many to list here, however if I’ve read your book over last few months, this means you. I’ve read some truly great books. Very diverse, written with skill and passion. Each and every one of them get how important our work is.

      MY: J.K Rowling is certainly an inspiration. And I agree with you about indie authors - some of my all time favourite books are written by self-publishing authors. Can you tell us what you are currently working on.

      PP: The sequel to Unknown. I can’t give too much away as it may spoil it for would be readers. Let’s just say that it carries on from the first book, heading to Tintagel and beyond. The book, like Unknown isn’t bound to the constraints of this world. It collides with other worlds too, with pretty disastrous conclusions. What it does do, is bring vampires to Cornwall.

      MY: Vampire in Cornwall...I like it! If you could give advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?

PP: Be brave. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to fail. If you’ve got a story in your head, share it with the world. Take your story with you everywhere. The supermarket – work – bed. Have fun with it in your head before you commit it to the page.

      MY: Good advice. Authors are often portrayed as being cat owners who drinks a lot of coffee. Is this true for you?

PP: Well I own a cat (Gracie) and I drink coffee. So I guess I’m your stereotypical author. People say that writing is a lonely profession. I disagree. You’ve got plenty of company. It’s in your head with you. Your characters and worlds are right there, filling your day.

      MY: Maybe we just look lonely - sat in a room with only a keyboard ( and a cat - in your case) for company - but in reality we are in a different world! What does your ‘perfect’ day look like?

PP: Forgive me before I answer this (my sons). Take my boys to grandparents. Come home and have breakfast with my wife. Do some writing while she gets ready to go out. Head down to my local high street with Angie. Sit in a nice bar with a few newspapers on the table in front of us. Then just watch the world go by.

MY: That sound pretty perfect. What is your biggest vice?

PP: My phone. Next.

      MY: Lol!  If you could meet anyone from the past, who would it be and why?

PP: My father. I lost him a few years ago. He was a great man. I’d love to meet him when he was a young man, just to see what he was like. If he was at all like I am now.

      MY: I am so sorry about your loss. I can understand why you would love to go back in time and meet him as a young man. Talking of time... Where do you see yourself in five years?

PP: OK. The dream. I see myself as a full time author, living out in the wilds somewhere with my family, letting my untapped imagination run riot.

MY: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to talk to us. Could you possibly share an extract of your book with us?

PP: Of course!


The small steamer gently nudged the quayside no harder than a baby nudged its Mother with its feet. A wiry old man in a sloppy grey sweater, jeans, and a green woolly hat jump onto the harbour side with the agility of a man fifty years his junior. He quickly tied the boat in place, front and aft, aware that a storm was heading in. He spoke quickly and quietly with the Harbour Master. They exchanged slaps on the back and chuckles as the sky suddenly clouded over. Vince Kerr jumped back onto the steamer and went below decks. He would unload his true cargo tomorrow morning. He needed to get to his local. His belly thought his throat had been cut and he needed a few pints of heavy for pudding. He walked aft until he came to the one cabin he reserved for passengers. He was about to knock when the door swung open, startling him.

“Shite man yer took ten years off me.”

“Sorry Captain. I heard your footfalls. I was ready anyway.”

“Aye ok. Foller me.”

The passenger did as he was bid until they were both stood on the harbour side. Vince feared few men but looking up at the giant, who had shared his beloved ship for three nights he made an exception. The old man stood a full head and shoulders taller than him. He wore dark eye glasses, which made Vince wary. His voice was deep and melodious. He’d expected trouble the first night. An instinct that had served him well all his life. On this occasion it was way off. The giant had been a perfect passenger. Friendly, convivial. Almost jolly. He spoke of his family in a far off land that Vince had forgotten to ask the name of in his merry state. He had also paid him handsomely for his passage. Little did Vince know that the Krone had come by ill-gotten means. It mattered little to him.

“Thank you for your hospitality,” the giant said. His voice was just audible above the wintery wind that was blowing in from the north.

“My pleasure Erik. Will you be staying in town overnight? I can recommend a good B&B, above an equally good pub.” The other man started to walk away.

“No I must continue my journey immediately.”

“Really. There is a storm heading our way. Where are ye heading?”

“South.” Vince chuckled.

“Sooth is a big place. Where in partic-lar,” he asked, now curious. He turned back towards him and smiled. As he did Vince shivered from head to foot. The giant with many names, most recently Erik and Smeets said,
“I’ll just follow my nose.”

Unknown is currently FREE on Kindle until the 20th April 2016


About the author
Phil Price was born in Sutton Coldfield in 1974. He lived in various places until his family settled in Rednal, Birmingham in 1979. Growing up with and older brother and sister he always flirted with reading as there was always books lying on shelves around the house. Then in 1997 he embarked on a travel expedition that took him from Greece to Thailand, via East and Southern Africa. Sitting in dusty bus stations in Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawi gave him the opportunity to ignite his imagination fully. Since those far off days he has never been without a book to read.

He toyed with the idea of writing a book in 2009. After writing a few short stories he caught a whiff of a story in his head. It grew and grew in 2010 until he had enough to begin. Marriage and two children came along, with the story being moved to the back burner for periods of time. However during those periods of writing inactivity the story continued to evolve until it just needed to be written down.

The book is littered with places that had influenced Phil's life. From the Lickey Hills In Birmingham, to the Amatola Mountains in South Africa with other locations, in-between and far beyond.

The book was finished sometime in 2014 and sat on his computer, until a chance conversation with an author friend made Phil take the bold step to publish his story, Unknown.

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