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Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

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Recommended Read of the Week!
Small towns keep their secrets well, and snowy, isolated Haz Gate is no exception. But when a wealthy stranger from the capital is murdered in the night and one of her students stands accused, schoolteacher Linna Nyx has to dig through deceptions thicker than the snow in midwinter to piece together the truth, and comes face to face with a killer who would destroy not only Linna’s peaceful existence, but the very order of the Empire itself.
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#BookReview Book One Of The Hurst Chronicles @HurstChronicles

✮ Book One Of The Hurst Chronicles
Robin Crumby  
Hurst Castle is the setting for a recently released dystopian thriller written by local author Robin Crumby.

The story focuses on a group of survivors living at Hurst, on the South Coast of England, following the outbreak of a pandemic virus.

In an all-too realistic vision of the near future, law and order on the mainland has collapsed. Those that survive scrape a living in remote outposts. Hiding behind high walls, far away from the smoking ruins of the cities, waiting and hoping. When the arrival of outsiders threatens to tip the balance of power, Hurst is faced with a desperate choice: set aside their differences and join an alliance that promises new hope or unite against the newcomers and their plans for reconstruction. Who can be trusted? Only time will tell. The battle for Hurst has begun.

Author Robin Crumby hopes that the book will generate "international interest in Hurst Castle and provide an additional boost for visitor numbers."
 What did I think of the book? 

A deadly virus has ravaged the world and those who are lucky enough to have survived now have to face the real struggle of staying alive.

Set in the south of England, Book One Of The Hurst Chronicles drew me in from the first page and kept me engaged to the very last one. The story was so fast paced that I didn't notice the pages turning.

Coming from the south of England, I am familiar with many of the places mentioned in this book. I thought the story was incredibly well crafted. On one hand, Crumbly talks about what these places were like before the virus, and then he describes what they are like in this dystopian world that he has created. This, for me, added a disturbing slant to the story, which I found strangely appealing.

There are several characters, whose story's, although interwoven with each other, you follow throughout this book. Each character has a unique personality, and each brought something new to the novel.

This is a well executed and stunning book. I really enjoyed it, and I would have no hesitation in recommend this book.

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 About the author
Robin Crumby is an author and writer living in London with his wife and two children. Since reading John Wyndham’s Day of the Triffids as a child, he became fascinated by end of the world dystopian literature. More recently, re-reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven inspired him to start writing. Why? Because post-apocalyptic fiction fires the imagination like nothing else. Pondering what comes next, who would survive, what would life look like? Much of the best fiction in this popular genre focuses on brain-eating zombies or events unfolding in the USA so Robin determined to write a story set in the UK. His Eureka moment came wandering the shingle beach at Milford-on-sea, inspired by the beauty and rich history of the Solent. Where better to survive the end of the world than a medieval castle surrounded by water? Robin spent much of his childhood messing about in boats, exploring the many waterways, ports and military forts of the Isle of Wight, where The Hurst Chronicles are set. 
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The Cherubim Rosewood ~ Larry Shackledford #BookReview #amreading @larrydshack

The Cherubim Rosewood
Larry Shackledford

In 1982, a gifted St. Louis college student traveled to Northwestern Brazil to visit his Lutheran missionary parents. Born and raised in Africa, the epic journey reduced the young man to the most primitive and instinctive forms of survival; but also to the nascent essence of life and death, and the ultimate archetype: the evil nature of man. An incredible story that will challenge the reader to reconsider choices they have made in their own journey through life. An incredible journey of survival, hope and healing.

What did I think of the book? 

Oh my! Shackelford certainly knows how to weave a rich tale. The amount of research that must have gone into this book is staggering, and it reads so authentically that it felt like I was there seeing everything through Edward Hamilton's eyes.

Edward is a well developed, and a likeable, fascinating, character that I took to straight away, and I am sure you will as well. I thoroughly enjoyed his story and the journey that is Edwards life. Although that incident with the VW Beetle - that was mean, funny, but mean!

I could have quite happily curled up under a warm blanket, and allowed Shackelford to take me away to this wonderfully believable world that he has created, alas life got in the way, but I still managed to read this book within two days - I so did not want to put it down.

If you are looking for a book that is not only rich in detail but also a fantastic read, then I thoroughly recommend The Cherubim Rosewood. I truly loved it. Shackelford is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors.

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About the author
Larry was raised in southwest Missouri where he received his college degree, but he received his education after
he graduated and began working in a maximum-security federal prison. After spending two years behind bars, he continued his law enforcement career as a criminal investigator, residing and working in eight states and two foreign countries. Larry retired from law enforcement after twenty-five years of service and resides in Salt Lake City with his wife and cat.

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Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

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Recommended Read of the Week!
 To Louisa, the idea of hope is just that. An idea.

After a chance encounter Louisa’s Cinderella story begins, and no fairytale is complete without a Prince Charming – enter handsome, charismatic gentleman, Damien.

As he falls to her feet, Louisa prepares herself to ride off into the sunset.
Before Louisa can say ‘happily ever after’ the dream she never asked for, disintegrates into a nightmare.

The girl, who once upon a time, couldn’t even conceive the notion of hope, has to find some for herself.

Cinderella has to slay her own demons from now on, starting with Damien …. 
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Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

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Recommended Read of the Week!
Have you ever received shocking news that turned your life upside down? Would you love to have magical powers based upon the color of your eyes?

Imagine the shock of being eighteen year old Remy Verbetta and finding out that you are not 'human' and also are not from this 'world'.

Remy’s life is turned upside down when she suddenly finds out her entire life has been a lie. Another 'world' is living and breathing along side our own, a kind of alternate dimension.

On her eighteenth birthday, Remy finds out that she is not 'human', but is actually a member of an ancient and almost extinct race called the Occuli. Each Occuli has different magical powers based solely on their eye color.

This fictional, fantasy novel, follows Remy on a journey of self discovery, magic, mystery, romance and betrayal, as she tries to figure out a way not only to survive, but also find a way back to her true home and save the Occuli from extinction!  

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New Release - Jamie's Children @susanmoorejorda

Jamie’s Children
Susan Moore Jordan

“It’s more than music: it’s light. It’s love. It’s life.”

Laura and Niall Logan, children of a brilliant musician, have gifts of their own. Laura, first-born, child prodigy violinist suffers from emotional problems that haunt her well into adulthood. Niall, talented singer-song writer, is demonized by bouts of bipolar disorder. Supported by the people they love and the power of music, they seek to overcome these daunting challenges as they strive to claim their own place in the spotlight.

Book Extract 
Deep into practicing the Brahms concerto, feeling herself one with the music, Laura was annoyed when the buzzer in her apartment sounded and she almost ignored it. Her concentration broken, she went to the intercom and asked rather crisply: “Who is it?”

“It’s Niall.”
“Niall! Come on up!” She was thrilled to hear his voice. She hadn’t seen him since Bonnie had gone to Hunter Mountain and brought him back to the city. Bonnie had talked with her and with Meredith and Jamie, explaining Niall wasn’t ready to see them yet. Not at Thanksgiving. Not even at Christmas.
Another month had passed and still nothing. She knew her parents were very worried, but they were all relieved he was with Bonnie. She’d keep him safe. That was the operative word these days: they all wanted Niall safe. Bonnie assured them he hadn’t been drinking, but he was struggling with depression. And now, finally, he was at her door.
They hugged long and hard when he came in, and she saw tears in his eyes.
“What can I get you? Coffee? Tea?”
“I’m good. God, you look fantastic. I’m so glad to see you.”
 “I’ve been here,” she said, sitting on the sofa and patting the seat next to her. She looked carefully at him. He looked thin and she saw the strain in his face. He had let his hair grow and it was down to his shoulders; she smiled and touched it. “I like it. Long hair suits you, Roger.”
She was rewarded with a slight smile. “Thanks, Ruth. It’s just easier not to bother getting it cut. It seems I’m all about what’s easier these days.” He looked over at the violin lying on a chair. “You were practicing. I’m sorry I interrupted you.”
“I’d rather see you any day than practice. I do that all the time.”
He smiled again. “Yes, I know … I guess some things never change.” He sighed and shifted uncomfortably. “Laura, I need your help.”
“Anything. You know that.”
“When I ran away last summer … I’ve been doing a lot of thinking … well … maybe Mom was right,” he said. “I’ve kind of been in this black hole and I can’t seem to dig myself out of it. God knows I’ve tried.”
“Bonnie has talked to us, Niall. You must know that.” She put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it gently.
He settled back and relaxed. “Yes, I wanted her to. I hated to admit it, but there’s something wrong with me. I’ve barely left Bonnie’s apartment since I got back. I know Monty’s won’t take me back, and … I don’t want to work. I go to a meeting every couple of weeks. I play guitar a little sometimes. I don’t know why Bonnie doesn’t throw me out.”
“Tell me what I can do.” She took his hand in hers. He looked at their hands and smiled at her again.
“My sweet big sister. You used to do that all the time.”
“Hold your hand? It’s what big sisters do.”

His face twisted as he fought back tears. “I think I have to see somebody. A shrink. My head is messed up.”
 “Oh, Niall, I’ll take care of it. I’m grateful you came to me.” She thought for a moment. “Let me call Ardith. Since she’s been my therapist she may not think she should see you, but she can recommend somebody.”
She gently wiped the tears that spilled over and ran down his face. “It’s okay, Niall. I’m more than happy to do this, and I’m so glad you want help.”
“I can’t keep living like this, I know that. I’ll pay you back somehow. I promise.”
“Don’t even think about it. Just get better,” she held him and rocked him as if he were a child. He was her sweet baby brother and she would always love him and take care of him.

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Goodreads Giveaway 15th July

About the author

When Susan Moore Jordan was a high school student in the mid nineteen-fifties in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, a close friend went through a shattering event just as she was preparing to audition for the high school’s annual musical. Decades later Jordan used that experience of tragedy to triumph to write her first novel, How I Grew Up, in 2013. Two additional novels followed:  Eli’s Heart in 2014 and You Are My Song in 2015, completing “The Carousel Trilogy.” Her fourth novel, Jamie’s Children, was just released (July, 2016). All of her novels are drawn from her life experiences as a voice teacher and stage director and are inspired by real people she has encountered. 

After attending the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, Jordan moved from Cincinnati to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania in 1971 with her late husband, a tenor, and their three young children, and established a private voice studio in 1979. She continues to teach and students have gone on to prestigious programs and careers in musical theater, opera, and education.

Jordan began directing musical theater productions for high schools and community organizations in 1984 and directed over eighty productions. She retired from directing in 2015 and wrote about her adventures in “More Fog, Please”: Thirty-One Years Directing Community and High School Musicals, released in November, 2015. All of Jordan’s books are available on Amazon in paperback. The novels are also available on Kindle.

For more information, please visit her website at and her Amazon author page at


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New Release ~ George And The Gargoyle Who Lived In The Garden @angelinakalhari

George And The Gargoyle Who Lived In The Garden




A. Kalahari 


 Recurring nightmares, a strained relationship with his father, and threatening behaviour from the Fearsome Foursome at school would be challenging for most boys his age. But as an only child with a sensitive, artistic soul, George feels especially alone and ordinary.

When he spends an awesome holiday with his zany Aunt Di, a painter, he stumbles across several exciting secrets. Aunt Di’s London garden contains statues of a Gargoyle, a Griffin, a Unicorn and a Dragon. At first, George thinks of these as just ordinary statues of mythical creatures. But what if they are not? And what about Roy, the robin? Will George survive the adventure when the Witch turns out to be real? Will his life ever be the same again after his magical experiences?



What did I think of the book?

It was the same dream, every single night…

First there was this horrid, ear-splitting, squawking sound. And then a dreadful sense of fear, followed by the largest and brightest purple eye that George had ever seen.  And then, he would wake up!

George knew his parent were right. He was too old to be having such dreams and perhaps going to see a counsellor was the right thing to do. But how was a councillor going to help with the school bullies?

George longed for the school holidays, where he could escape the bullies and his unsympathetic father. He would be spending his summer with his believed Aunt Di and he could not wait.

George, however, had no idea, that his aunts garden was a magical place and that he was about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

What a fantastically gripping middle-grade story about a young boy and his exploits in a beautiful enchanted garden. The story was full of mystery and magic, with just enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat.

I could easily visualise George’s garden and his many friends he made there. I loved his relationship with Aunt Di and the evil witch certainly made me shiver!

A great story and an enjoyable read. I think this has the makings of an exciting series.

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About the author

Angelina Kalahari entered this life among the red dunes of Namibia’s deserts. Her first sounds merged with the power of the massive yellow moon that lit up the vast African spaces. There, where the heavens presented the splendour that the Milky Way flung across its canvas. A nomadic childhood enchanted her, as Africa presented the raw beauty of her many faces, while Angelina’s family traversed the desert in search of crops for their herds of karakul sheep. This fertile ambience, filled with strange legends, amazing animals, and wonderful people, afforded Angelina a unique opportunity to live in a world of wonder, and to develop a deep sense of self. Her mother loved listening to Mario Lanza and other tenors of the day. A record player and records accompanied the family on their travels, and back to their farm. The gift of this divine music found resonance within Angelina's body and called to her soul’s desire to share her voice with the world. She left her magical universe to study with other voice and performance obsessives, which resulted in degrees in drama, singing, and opera. Angelina continued her nomadic existence as an adult, enthralling audiences with her singing, acting, and directing. These activities allowed her to visit a world far beyond her beloved Africa. She shared her talents on such diverse platforms as opening the busking scheme on London Underground, to a recital at the Royal Opera House, and everything in between. This led to an invitation to Buckingham Palace, no less, where Angelina met Queen Elizabeth as a reward and recognition of her contribution to the music, culture, and economy of the United Kingdom. Angelina has always regarded herself as a storyteller, either through music or through acting and directing. She honed her storytelling skills from a young age, writing and telling stories to her siblings at bed time. It became a habit through the years and although she has many finished novels, The Healing Touch is her debut published novel, and not one she envisioned writing. The tragic loss of her soul-brother, and the insistence of a close friend, resulted in writing and publishing The Healing Touch, Book 1 in a series. The only magnificent creatures that share her home today, are her husband, her little fur cat daughter, a rapidly diminishing population of house spiders, and a smallish herd of dust mites. 

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Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

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Recommended Read of the Week!
 The existence of God is considered by many to be a fiction with little basis in truth. This book explores the idea of God's existence, and whether to hold such a belief is reasonable. Atheism, rather than rejecting the essence of what the word 'God' points to, discredits certain images or paradigms of God, which no longer hold meaning. God is the "Real" at the heart of all experience and this can be demonstrated empirically, to a degree.
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Books Go Social ~ Recommended Read of the Week! #booksgs

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Recommended Read of the Week!
 Caught between the forces that be, It's no place for a human...

B'Lana Paris had only a few simple aspirations. A job, a house... a life. It can't get any more normal than that. But when a relaxing night at the movies turns deadly, leaving her with a sustained injury, B'Lana learns that her position is much more serious. It might just seal her fate.

Caught in the clash between two aggressive dominions of ancient origin, B'Lana will be forced to decide between death and a slim chance at survival. With the unnatural curse consuming her life force her only chance to survive rests firmly in the hands of the one person she is the most unsure she can trust.

Will B'Lana be able to survive the fatal infection coursing through her blood? Or will a worse fate wait for her behind the veil of offered salvation?

Eclipse of the Warrior, the first of the Interdimensional Saga by J.L Hendricks, is a YA sci-fi romance that will have you turning the pages so fast you'll spin off into another dimension. Clean and humorous with a hint of paranormal and urban fantasy elements this is a story you don't want to miss!
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#BookReview — The Potential For Love by Catherine Kullmann #RegencyRomance

The Potential For Love By Catherine Kullmann When Arabella Malvin sees the figure of an officer silhouetted against the sun, for ...