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Tudor Robins

Giving up her pony didn’t make Austen’s sister better. Sacrificing her social life hasn’t done it either. But with her sister’s life at stake, Austen’s never good at saying no. So, when their mom decides a move to the island is just what Eliot needs, Austen says good-bye to her perfect summer plans.

Rand’s not on the island by choice, either. After drinking, driving, and crashing his neighbour’s car, he’s been sent to live with his uncle until a spot opens up for him at boarding school.

If too-nice Austen, and too-much-trouble Rand are opposites maybe that’s why they’re so attracted to each other.

New characters mix with familiar faces – not to mention plenty of horses and dogs – in this fourth book of the much-loved Island Series.

What did I make of the story…

Austen knows all about sacrifice. Her sister is gravely ill, and she would do anything to see her recover, even if that means giving up her pony and her plans for this summer and spending it instead on the Island.

Rand has no say in his life anymore — not after that getting drunk and stealing the neighbour's car incident and then there was that whole crashing the said neighbour's car into the neighbour's house.  Yep...that will get you into a whole heap of trouble! His relationship with his father is brief emails and any relationship he had with his mother has rapidly gone down hill, he becomes angry and resentful. Out of desperation, his mother sends him to his Uncle, who lives on the Island.

Tudor Robins has done it again! Fault is superbly written with flowing prose and a gripping storyline.  I adored the characterisation of Austen — I know many young carers' who put their lives on hold to help look after a sick relative, and they do so with the same courageous attitude and understanding as Austen does. They really are all heroes, and it was wonderful to read a young career portrayed in such a positive light. Thank you, Tudor. Likewise, Rand is a lost soul who thinks the world hates him. On the island, he learns that there are some people who will stand up for him no matter what that means for them. His faith in humanity is slowly restored.

Fault is a fast-paced read that will keep you turning those pages. Add to it the equestrian backdrop and you have yourself one great read! I was simply enchanted by this tale. Well done, Tudor!

I Highly Recommend.

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About the author

Her degrees in English Literature and Journalism have shaped Tudor’s writing philosophy and style, and her work as a freelance magazine and newspaper writer established her commitment to accuracy and deadlines.

Sharing her experience and love of writing with others is something Tudor enjoys, and she has been fortunate to have the opportunity to do so through the continuing education workshops she offers for the Ottawa Catholic School Board and other writing organizations. She has also developed and delivered a creative writing workshop for junior and intermediate students.

Tudor lives in Ottawa with her husband and two sons. They spend much of their summers on Wolfe Island, Ontario.

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