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#BookReview ~ Innocent Indiscretions (Unrivalled Regency Book 7) By Jackie Williams #Regency #Romance @wackyjackyful

Innocent Indiscretions (Unrivalled Regency Book 7) By Jackie Williams

Can a gentle kiss beneath the mistletoe seal your fate? Especially when given by the deliciously handsome but ostracized, Lord Jeremy Rookwood. 
Probably not. 
But a kiss is a kiss, even if meant in innocence. And an indiscretion seen in public can only lead to disaster, destruction, and desolation. Especially when Elisa Rowallan’s newly announced fiancé is not the giver of the kiss, but an evil, money grabbing murderer with only one object in mind. Her!
Five years after first meeting one fateful night, Jeremy is still smitten and Elisa clearly in love, but desperation turns their happiness into instant despair. With her life in peril, and danger lurking behind every shadow, has Jeremy’s innocent indiscretion sealed Elisa’s fate, or can they outrun the malevolence that pursues them into a frosty night?
Innocent Indiscretions is the 7th book in the Unrivalled Regency series of Regency mystery romance. While each book is a …

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