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#BookReview — Thieves' Castle (The Tyburn Folios Book 2) by Dean Hamilton #HistoricalFiction #HistoricalThriller

Thieves' Castle (The Tyburn Folios Book 2) By Dean Hamilton

London 1576.
Kit Tyburn, ex-soldier turned play-actor and part-time intelligencer for the Queen’s spymaster Francis Walsingham, is back in London and adrift. Penniless, cut loose from both his playing troupe and his mercurial employer, Tyburn is hired to track down a missing gold-seller who has vanished, along with the monies needed for the completion of London’s first permanent theatre.

But London’s dark and fetid back-alleys hide deadly secrets, as Tyburn uncovers a more treacherous game – a war between two noble houses that pulls him into a murderous conflict on the streets, a deadly Spanish conspiracy and a twisted thief-lord chasing her vengeance.

“I know you have a talent for turning over rocks and setting everything under them running...”
Oh yes, Christopher Tyburn has a talent for making things run. That was why he worked part-time for spymaster Walsingham. In his other life, he is a play-actor for Worcester’s Men, but h…

#BookReview — The Confessor’s Wife by Kelly Evans #AngloSaxon #HistoricalFiction

The Confessor’s Wife By Kelly Evans

In the 11th Century, when barren wives are customarily cast aside, how does Edith of Wessex not only manage to stay married to King Edward the Confessor, but also become his closest advisor, promote her family to the highest offices in the land, AND help raise her brother to the throne? And why is her story only told in the footnotes of Edward’s history?

Not everyone approves of Edward’s choice of bride. Even the king’s mother, Emma of Normandy, detests her daughter-in-law and Edith is soon on the receiving end of her displeasure. Balancing her sense of family obligation with her duty to her husband, Edith must also prove herself to her detractors.

Edward’s and Edith’s relationship is respectful and caring, but when Edith’s enemies engineer her family’s fall from grace, the king is forced to send her away. She vows to do anything to protect her family’s interests if she returns, at any cost. Can Edith navigate the dangerous path fate has set her, while …

#BookReview — The Center of Gravity by Patricia Brandon #WW2 #HistoricalFiction

The Center of Gravity By Patricia Brandon

A young woman is tricked into service as a food tester for Adolf Hitler in his secret Wolf's Lair, where she will endure yet another atrocity. A French professor, whose best friend is a Jew fighting in the Alsatian Resistance, is forced to assist in the Nazi reconstruction of the priceless Amber Room in the Konigsberg Castle. All hide dangerous secrets. When their worlds collide, high risk plans for escape are made, with the unlikely help of the anti-Nazi brother of Hermann Goering. But will the darkest of secrets remain hidden, or will lives be forever changed when the truth is finally revealed?

"Evil often initially masquerades as gray, not black and white..."
Germany would be a great nation now that Adolf Hitler was at the helm. Look how successful the Olympische Sommerspiele of '36 had been, and that was only the start.
The signs had been there, of course. Sonne Becker's father had seen them, but even he did not know how f…

#BookReview — The Final Reckoning (The Shadow of the Raven: Book 3) by Chris Bishop #HistoricalFiction #AngloSaxon

The Final Reckoning The Shadow of the Raven: Book 3  By Chris Bishop

Despite Alfred's great victory at Edington, Wessex is far from secure.

With the threat of an imminent Viking attack, Matthew, now a warrior, is sent to fortify and defend the ford at Leatherhead. There, hopelessly outnumbered, he faces his sternest test as he and a small band of barely trained Saxon warriors strive to hold out long enough for help to arrive or resolve to die trying.

In a time ravaged by political uncertainty, Matthew is placed in intense personal danger as he is also ordered to investigate the tyranny of the Ealdorman's stepson and dispense justice as he sees fit.

With his life still threatened by the wound to his chest, what is asked of him seems more than any man should endure as he faces . . . The Final Reckoning.

"You once told me you had no plans to invade Wessex, yet here you are..."

Alfred defeated Guthrum at Edington, and a treaty of peace was signed, but such a treaty did not neutr…

Book Review — The Warrior With The Pierced Heart: The Shadow of the Raven: Book 2 by Chris Bishop #HistoricalFiction #AngloSaxon

The Warrior With The Pierced Heart The Shadow of the Raven: Book 2 By Chris Bishop

In the second book in the exciting and atmospheric Shadow of the Raven series we rejoin novice monk turned warrior, Matthew as he marches ahead of King Alfred, to Exeter to herald the King's triumphant return to the city, marking his great victory at Edington.
It should have been a journey of just five or perhaps six days but, as Matthew is to find to his cost, in life the road you're given to travel is seldom what you wish for and never what you expect.

In this much-anticipated sequel Chris Bishop again deposits the reader slap-bang into the middle of Saxon Britain, where battles rage and life is cheap. An early confrontation leaves Matthew wounded, but found and tended by a woodland-dwelling healer he survives, albeit with the warning that the damage to his heart will eventually take his life.

Matthew faces many challenges as he battles to make his way back to Chippenham to be reunited with King Alf…