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#BookReview — Dragons in the Clouds by David Blair #mIddlegrade #HistoricalFantasy #Dragons

Dragons in the Clouds By David Blair

“Dragons in the Clouds’’ is a epic adventure that takes place during a time period when Dragons were alive and freely roamed the land. The people during this time were getting eaten by a vicious species of Dragon. The ruling King finally orders the total annihilation  of all living dragons. A powerful wizard, named Merlinus, who is a friend to the king, does not agree with the Kings order, for Merlinus knows all Dragons are not what they seem. So he does what he must to protect a family of Dragons that he had befriended. And to protect his Dragon friends, Melinus performs the spell of weightlessness and tells the Dragons to fly up and to hide in the cover of the Clouds. An unforeseen ability of the Dragons weightlessness spell is that a Dragons fire now looks like that of lightning and their roar is like that of thunder. Melinus tells the Dragons to live within the clouds and to only come down at night to eat. An apprentice to the wizard who has grand…

#BookReview — Antonius: Son of Rome by Brook Allen #AncientRome #HistoricalFiction

Antonius:Son of Rome By Brook Allen

For over two-thousand years, Marcus Antonius—Marc Antony—has been one of history’s most controversial men. His story was buried with him and written by his enemies. Now his entire saga is revealed in a compelling trilogy by Brook Allen.
After young Marcus Antonius’s father dies in disgrace, he yearns to restore his family’s honor during the final days of Rome’s dying Republic. Marcus is rugged, handsome, and owns abundant military talent, but upon entering manhood, he falls prey to the excesses of a violent society. His whoring, gambling, and drinking eventually reap dire consequences. Through a series of personal tragedies, Marcus must come into his own through blood, blades, and death. Once he finally earns a military commission, he faces an uphill battle to earn the respect and admiration of soldiers, proconsuls, and kings. Desperate to redeem his name and carve a legacy for himself, he refuses to let warring rebels, scheming politicians, or even an…

#BookReview — Gift of the Gods: Silver and Gold, Volume 2 by Thomas J. Berry #AncientGreece #HistoricalFiction

Gift of the Gods: Silver and Gold By Thomas J. Berry

Five men and women in Ancient Greece are set on a dangerous journey of self-discovery during the bitter conflict of the Peloponnesian War.
The climatic war between Athens and Sparta is over and, while peace has settled upon the land, bitter factions are at work to resurrect the bloody conflict.  The rival superpowers align themselves with new allies and embark on an overseas adventure with far-reaching consequences.  The democrats of Athens seek conquest and wealth abroad while the militant Spartans play a deadly gambit to stop them.  In the midst of this struggle, one man makes a fateful decision that will change the course of history forever.
As the powerful city-states gather their armies once more, men and women from across the region have far more pressing needs.  A harried mother sees her world turned upside down and struggles to make peace with her husband.  A rich playboy with grand ideas has finally achieved the power to make t…

#BookReview — The Brotherhood of the Black Flag: A Novel of the Golden Age of Piracy by Ian Nathaniel Cohen #HistoricalFiction #Pirate

The Brotherhood of the Black Flag A Novel of the Golden Age of Piracy By Ian Nathaniel Cohen

Michael McNamara has one last chance to fight for king and country.
His once-promising career in tatters, McNamara leaves the newly-United Kingdom behind in search of a new life. With no other skills but the sword, he joins forces with a pirate turned pirate hunter determined to rid the Caribbean of the Brotherhood of the Black Flag once and for all.
Eager for the adventure and a worthy cause to fight for, McNamara pits himself against treacherous seas and battle-hardened buccaneers...and uncovers an international conspiracy that threatens thousands of lives.
The Golden Age of Piracy is about to end...but not without one final reckoning.

"Everything you've heard about Captain Reynard is true..."
Michael McNamara should have paid more attention.